Srv6 cli reference

clear sr localsid-counters

clear sr localsid-counters

Declaration: clear_sr_localsid_counters_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_localsid.c line 704

Implementation: clear_sr_localsid_counters_command_fn

set sr encaps hop-limit

set sr encaps hop-limit <value>

Declaration: set_sr_hop_limit_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 184

Implementation: set_sr_hop_limit_command_fn

set sr encaps source

set sr encaps source addr <ip6_addr>

Declaration: set_sr_src_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 146

Implementation: set_sr_src_command_fn

show sr encaps hop-limit

show sr encaps hop-limit

Declaration: show_sr_encaps_hop_limit_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 1274

Implementation: show_sr_encaps_hop_limit_command_fn

show sr encaps source addr

show sr encaps source addr

Declaration: show_sr_encaps_source_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 1253

Implementation: show_sr_encaps_source_command_fn

show sr localsids

show sr localsids

Declaration: show_sr_localsid_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_localsid.c line 680

Implementation: show_sr_localsid_command_fn

show sr localsids behaviors

show sr localsids behaviors

Declaration: show_sr_localsid_behaviors_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_localsid.c line 2443

Implementation: show_sr_localsid_behaviors_command_fn

show sr policies

show sr policies

Declaration: show_sr_policies_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 1232

Implementation: show_sr_policies_command_fn

show sr policy behaviors

show sr policy behaviors

Declaration: show_sr_policy_behaviors_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 3577

Implementation: show_sr_policy_behaviors_command_fn

show sr steering-policies

show sr steering-policies

Declaration: show_sr_steering_policies_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_steering.c line 527

Implementation: show_sr_steering_policies_command_fn

sr localsid

sr localsid (del) address XX:XX::YY:YY(fib-table 8) behavior STRING
Create SR LocalSID and binds it to a particular behavior
    localSID IPv6_addr(128b)   LocalSID IPv6 address
    (fib-table X)              Optional. VRF where to install SRv6 localsid
    behavior STRING            Specifies the behavior

    End     -> Endpoint.
    End.uN  -> Endpoint with uSID.
    End.X   -> Endpoint with decapsulation and Layer-3 cross-connect.
            Parameters: '<iface> <ip6_next_hop>'
    End.DX2 -> Endpoint with decapsulation and Layer-2 cross-connect.
            Parameters: '<iface>'
    End.DX6 -> Endpoint with decapsulation and IPv6 cross-connect.
            Parameters: '<iface> <ip6_next_hop>'
    End.DX4 -> Endpoint with decapsulation and IPv4 cross-connect.
            Parameters: '<iface> <ip4_next_hop>'
    End.DT6 -> Endpoint with decapsulation and specific IPv6 table lookup.
            Parameters: '<ip6_fib_table>'
    End.DT4 -> Endpoint with decapsulation and specific IPv4 table lookup.
            Parameters: '<ip4_fib_table>'

Declaration: sr_localsid_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_localsid.c line 510

Implementation: sr_cli_localsid_command_fn

sr policy

sr policy [add||del||mod] [bsid 2001::1||index 5] next A:: next B:: next C:: (weight 1) (fib-table 2) (encap|insert)
Manipulation of SR policies.
A Segment Routing policy may contain several SID lists. Each SID list has
an associated weight (default 1), which will result in wECMP (uECMP).
Segment Routing policies might be of type encapsulation or srh insertion
Each SR policy will be associated with a unique BindingSID.
A BindingSID is a locally allocated SegmentID. For every packet that arrives
with IPv6_DA:BSID such traffic will be steered into the SR policy.
The add command will create a SR policy with its first segment list (sl)
The mod command allows you to add, remove, or modify the existing segment lists
within an SR policy.
The del command allows you to delete a SR policy along with all its associated
SID lists.

Declaration: sr_policy_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_policy_rewrite.c line 1137

Implementation: sr_policy_command_fn

sr pt add iface

sr pt add iface <iface-name> id <pt-iface-id> ingress-load <ingress-load-value> egress-load <egress-load-value> tts-template <tts-template-value>

Declaration: sr_pt_add_iface_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_pt.c line 250

Implementation: sr_pt_add_iface_command_fn

sr pt del iface

sr pt del iface <iface-name>

Declaration: sr_pt_del_iface_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_pt.c line 258

Implementation: sr_pt_del_iface_command_fn

sr pt show iface

sr pt show iface

Declaration: sr_pt_show_iface_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_pt.c line 264

Implementation: sr_pt_show_iface_command_fn

sr steer

sr steer (del) [l3 <ip_addr/mask>|l2 <sf_if>] via [index <sr_policy_index>|bsid <bsid_ip6_addr>] (fib-table <fib_table_index>)
Steer a L2 or L3 traffic through an existing SR policy.
        sr steer l3 2001::/64 via sr_policy index 5
        sr steer l3 2001::/64 via sr_policy bsid 2010::9999:1
        sr steer l2 GigabitEthernet0/5/0 via sr_policy index 5
        sr steer del l3 2001::/64 via sr_policy index 5

Declaration: sr_steer_policy_command src/vnet/srv6/sr_steering.c line 460

Implementation: sr_steer_policy_command_fn