Vlibmemory cli reference

api trace

api trace [tx][on|off][first <n>][last <n>][status][free][post-mortem-on][dump|dump-file|dump-json|save|tojson|save-json|replay <file>|replay-json <file>][nitems <n>][initializers <file>]

Display, replay, or save a binary API trace

Declaration: api_trace_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 1153

Implementation: api_trace_command_fn

clear api histogram

clear api histogram

Clear the binary api sleep-time histogram

Declaration: cli_clear_api_histogram_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 89

Implementation: vl_api_clear_histogram_command

show api

Show API information

Declaration: cli_show_api_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 195

show api clients

Client information

Display current api client connections

Declaration: cli_show_api_clients_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 206

Implementation: vl_api_client_command

show api dump

show api dump file <filename> [numeric | compare-current]

Displays a serialized API message decode table, sorted by message name

show api dump file <filename>

                                               Message name    MsgID        CRC
accept_session                                                    407   8e2a127e
accept_session_reply                                              408   67d8c22a
add_node_next                                                     549   e4202993
add_node_next_reply                                               550   e89d6eed

Compares a serialized API message decode table with the current image

show api dump file <filename> compare

ip_add_del_route                                             definition changed
ip_table_add_del                                             definition changed
l2_macs_event                                                only in image
vnet_ip4_fib_counters                                        only in file
vnet_ip4_nbr_counters                                        only in file

Display a serialized API message decode table, compare a saved decode table with the current image, to establish API differences.

Declaration: dump_api_table_file src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 1493

Implementation: dump_api_table_file_command_fn

show api histogram

show api histogram

Display the binary api sleep-time histogram

Declaration: cli_show_api_histogram_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 65

Implementation: vl_api_show_histogram_command

show api message-table

Message Table

Display the current api message decode tables

Declaration: cli_show_api_message_table_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 268

Implementation: vl_api_message_table_command

show api plugin

show api plugin

Display the plugin binary API message range table

Declaration: cli_show_api_plugin_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 335

Implementation: vl_api_show_plugin_command

show api ring-stats

Message ring statistics

Display binary api message allocation ring statistics

Declaration: cli_show_api_ring_command src/vlibmemory/memory_api.c line 1136

Implementation: vl_api_ring_command

show api trace-status

Display API trace status

Display the current api message tracing status

Declaration: cli_show_api_status_command src/vlibmemory/vlib_api_cli.c line 218

Implementation: vl_api_status_command