Pg cli reference

create packet-generator

create packet-generator interface <interface name> [gso-enabled gso-size <size> [coalesce-enabled]] [mode <ethernet | ip4 | ip6>]

Declaration: create_pg_if_cmd src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 734

Implementation: create_pg_if_cmd_fn


Packet generator commands

Declaration: vlib_cli_pg_command src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 51

packet-generator capture

packet-generator capture <interface name> pcap <filename> [count <n>]

Declaration: pg_capture_cmd src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 675

Implementation: pg_capture_cmd_fn

packet-generator configure

Change packet generator stream parameters

Declaration: change_stream_parameters_cli src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 592

Implementation: change_stream_parameters

packet-generator delete

Delete stream with given name

Declaration: del_stream_cli src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 545

Implementation: del_stream

packet-generator disable-stream

Disable packet generator streams

Declaration: disable_streams_cli src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 151

Implementation: enable_disable_stream

packet-generator enable-stream

Enable packet generator streams

Declaration: enable_streams_cli src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 142

Implementation: enable_disable_stream

packet-generator new

Create packet generator stream
Create packet generator stream


name STRING          sets stream name
interface STRING     interface for stream output
node NODE-NAME       node for stream output
data STRING          specifies packet data
pcap FILENAME        read packet data from pcap file
rate PPS             rate to transfer packet data
maxframe NPKTS       maximum number of packets per frame

Declaration: new_stream_cli src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 509

Implementation: new_stream

show packet-generator

show packet-generator [verbose]

Declaration: show_streams_cli src/vnet/pg/cli.c line 258

Implementation: show_streams