Udp-ping cli reference

set udp-ping

set udp-ping src <local IPv6 address>  src-port-range <local port range>
      dst <remote IPv6 address> dst-port-range <destination port range>
      interval <time interval in sec for which ping packet will be sent>

Declaration: set_udp_ping_command src/plugins/ioam/udp-ping/udp_ping_node.c line 305

Implementation: set_udp_ping_command_fn

set udp-ping export-ipfix

set udp-ping export-ipfix [disable]

Declaration: set_udp_ping_export_command src/plugins/ioam/udp-ping/udp_ping_export.c line 279

Implementation: set_udp_ping_export_command_fn

show udp-ping summary

Summary of udp-ping

Declaration: show_udp_ping_cmd src/plugins/ioam/udp-ping/udp_ping_node.c line 378

Implementation: show_udp_ping_summary_cmd_fn