Mpls cli reference

mpls local-label

mpls local-label [add|del] <label-value> [eos|non-eos] via [next-hop-address] [next-hop-interface] [next-hop-table <value>] [weight <value>] [preference <value>] [udp-encap-id <value>] [ip4-lookup-in-table <value>] [ip6-lookup-in-table <value>] [mpls-lookup-in-table <value>] [resolve-via-host] [resolve-via-attached] [rx-ip4 <interface>] [out-labels <value value value>]

Declaration: mpls_local_label_command src/vnet/mpls/mpls.c line 370

Implementation: vnet_mpls_local_label

mpls table

mpls table [add|del] <table-id>

This command is used to add or delete MPLS Tables. All Tables must be explicitly added before that can be used, Including the default table.

Declaration: mpls_table_command src/vnet/mpls/mpls.c line 440

Implementation: vnet_mpls_table_cmd

mpls tunnel

mpls tunnel [multicast] [l2-only] via [next-hop-address] [next-hop-interface] [next-hop-table <value>] [weight <value>] [preference <value>] [udp-encap-id <value>] [ip4-lookup-in-table <value>] [ip6-lookup-in-table <value>] [mpls-lookup-in-table <value>] [resolve-via-host] [resolve-via-connected] [rx-ip4 <interface>] [out-labels <value value value>]

This command create a uni-directional MPLS tunnel

create mpls tunnel

 create mpls tunnel via GigEthernet0/8/0 out-label 33 out-label 34

Declaration: create_mpls_tunnel_command src/vnet/mpls/mpls_tunnel.c line 932

Implementation: vnet_create_mpls_tunnel_command_fn

set interface mpls

Enable/Disable an interface for MPLS forwarding

This command enables an interface to accept MPLS packets

set interface mpls

 set interface mpls GigEthernet0/8/0 enable

Declaration: set_interface_ip_table_command src/vnet/mpls/interface.c line 159

Implementation: mpls_interface_enable_disable

show mpls interface

Show MPLS interface forwarding

This command displays the MPLS forwarding state of an interface

show mpls interface

 set mpls interface GigEthernet0/8/0

Declaration: show_mpls_interface_command src/vnet/mpls/interface.c line 228

Implementation: show_mpls_interface

This command to show MPLS tunnels

sh mpls tunnel 2

[@2] mpls_tunnel2: sw_if_index:5 hw_if_index:5
  index:26 locks:1 proto:ipv4 uPRF-list:26 len:1 itfs:[2, ]
    index:26 pl-index:26 ipv4 weight=1 attached-nexthop:  oper-flags:resolved, loop0
        [@0]: ipv4 via loop0: IP4: de:ad:00:00:00:00 -> 00:00:11:aa:bb:cc

Declaration: show_mpls_tunnel_command src/vnet/mpls/mpls_tunnel.c line 1031

Implementation: show_mpls_tunnel_command_fn