Acl cli reference

clear acl-plugin sessions

clear acl-plugin sessions

Declaration: aclplugin_clear_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3607

Implementation: acl_clear_aclplugin_fn

delete acl-plugin acl

delete acl-plugin acl index <idx>
Delete an Access Control List (ACL)

Removes an ACL at the specified index, which must exist but not in use by any interface.

delete acl-plugin acl index <idx>

Declaration: aclplugin_delete_acl_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3665

Implementation: acl_delete_aclplugin_acl_fn

set acl-plugin

set acl-plugin session timeout {{udp idle}|tcp {idle|transient}} <seconds>

Declaration: aclplugin_set_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3541

Implementation: acl_set_aclplugin_fn

set acl-plugin acl

set acl-plugin acl [index <idx>] <permit|deny|permit+reflect> src <PREFIX> dst <PREFIX> [proto X] [sport X[-Y]] [dport X[-Y]] [tcpflags <int> mask <int>] [tag FOO] {use comma separated list for multiple rules}
Create an Access Control List (ACL)

If index is not specified, a new one will be created. Otherwise, replace the one at this index.

An ACL is composed of more than one Access control element (ACE). Multiple ACEs can be specified with this command using a comma separated list.

Each ACE describes a tuple of src+dst IP prefix, ip protocol, src+dst port ranges. (the ACL plugin also support ICMP types/codes instead of UDP/TCP ports, but this CLI does not).

An ACL can optionally be assigned a 'tag' - which is an identifier understood by the client. VPP does not examine it in any way.

set acl-plugin acl <permit|deny|permit+reflect> src <PREFIX> dst <PREFIX> proto <TCP|UDP> sport <X-Y> dport <X-Y> tcpflags <X> mask <X> [tag FOO]

Declaration: aclplugin_set_acl_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3647

Implementation: acl_set_aclplugin_acl_fn

set acl-plugin interface

set acl-plugin interface <interface> <input|output> <acl INDEX> [del]
[un]Apply an ACL to an interface.

The ACL is applied in a given direction, either input or output. The ACL being applied must already exist.

set acl-plugin interface <input|output> acl <index> [del]

Declaration: aclplugin_set_interface_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3622

Implementation: acl_set_aclplugin_interface_fn

show acl-plugin acl

show acl-plugin acl [index N]

Declaration: aclplugin_show_acl_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3547

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_acl_fn

show acl-plugin decode 5tuple

show acl-plugin decode 5tuple XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

Declaration: aclplugin_show_decode_5tuple_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3565

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_decode_5tuple_fn

show acl-plugin interface

show acl-plugin interface [sw_if_index N] [acl]

Declaration: aclplugin_show_interface_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3571

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_interface_fn

show acl-plugin lookup context

show acl-plugin lookup context [index N]

Declaration: aclplugin_show_lookup_context_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3553

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_lookup_context_fn

show acl-plugin lookup user

show acl-plugin lookup user [index N]

Declaration: aclplugin_show_lookup_user_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3559

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_lookup_user_fn

show acl-plugin macip acl

show acl-plugin macip acl [index N]

Declaration: aclplugin_show_macip_acl_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3595

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_macip_acl_fn

show acl-plugin macip interface

show acl-plugin macip interface

Declaration: aclplugin_show_macip_interface_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3601

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_macip_interface_fn

show acl-plugin memory

show acl-plugin memory

Declaration: aclplugin_show_memory_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3577

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_memory_fn

show acl-plugin sessions

show acl-plugin sessions

Declaration: aclplugin_show_sessions_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3583

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_sessions_fn

show acl-plugin tables

show acl-plugin tables [ acl [index N] | applied [ lc_index N ] | mask | hash [verbose N] ]

Declaration: aclplugin_show_tables_command src/plugins/acl/acl.c line 3589

Implementation: acl_show_aclplugin_tables_fn