Ip-neighbor cli reference

ip neighbor

ip neighbor [del] <intfc> <ip-address> <mac-address> [static] [no-fib-entry] [count <count>]

Declaration: ip_neighbor_command2 src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 889

Implementation: ip_neighbor_cmd

set ip neighbor

set ip neighbor [del] <intfc> <ip-address> <mac-address> [static] [no-fib-entry] [count <count>]

Add or delete IPv4 ARP cache entries.

@note 'set ip neighbor' options (e.g. delete, static, 'count <number>', 'interface ip4_addr mac_addr') can be added in any order and combination.

Add or delete IPv4 ARP cache entries as follows. MAC Address can be in either aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff format or aabb.ccdd.eeff format.

set ip neighbor GigabitEthernet2/0/0 dead.beef.babe
set ip neighbor delete GigabitEthernet2/0/0 de:ad:be:ef:ba:be

To add or delete an IPv4 ARP cache entry table:

set ip neighbor GigabitEthernet2/0/0 dead.beef.babe
set ip neighbor delete GigabitEthernet2/0/0 dead.beef.babe

Add or delete IPv4 static ARP cache entries as follows:

set ip neighbor static GigabitEthernet2/0/0 dead.beef.babe
set ip neighbor static delete GigabitEthernet2/0/0 dead.beef.babe

For testing / debugging purposes, the 'set ip neighbor' command can add or delete multiple entries. Supply the 'count N' parameter:

set ip neighbor count 10 GigabitEthernet2/0/0 dead.beef.babe

Declaration: ip_neighbor_command src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 883

Implementation: ip_neighbor_cmd

set ip neighbor-config

set ip neighbor-config ip4|ip6 [limit <limit>] [age <age>] [recycle|norecycle]

Declaration: set_ip_neighbor_cfg_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1886

Implementation: ip_neighbor_config_set

show ip neighbor

show ip neighbor [interface]

Declaration: show_ip_neighbor_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1057

Implementation: ip_neighbor_show

show ip neighbor-config

show ip neighbor-config

Declaration: show_ip_neighbor_cfg_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1881

Implementation: ip_neighbor_config_show

show ip neighbor-stats

show ip neighbor-stats [interface]

Declaration: show_ip_neighbor_stats_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1892

Implementation: ip_neighbor_stats_show

show ip neighbor-watcher

show ip neighbors-watcher

Declaration: show_ip_neighbor_watchers_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor_watch.c line 255

Implementation: ip_neighbor_watchers_show

show ip neighbors

show ip neighbors [interface]

Display all the IP neighbor entries.

Example of how to display the IPv4 ARP table:

show ip neighbor

   Time      FIB        IP4       Flags      Ethernet              Interface
   346.3028   0            de:ad:be:ef:ba:be   GigabitEthernet2/0/0
  3077.4271   0       S    de:ad:be:ef:ff:ff   GigabitEthernet2/0/0
  2998.6409   1            de:ad:be:ef:00:01   GigabitEthernet2/0/0
Proxy arps enabled for:
Fib_index 0 -

Declaration: show_ip_neighbors_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1042

Implementation: ip_neighbor_show

show ip4 neighbor

show ip4 neighbor [interface]

Declaration: show_ip4_neighbor_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1062

Implementation: ip4_neighbor_show

show ip4 neighbor-sorted

show ip4 neighbor-sorted

Declaration: show_ip4_neighbor_sorted_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1072

Implementation: ip4_neighbor_show_sorted

show ip4 neighbors

show ip4 neighbors [interface]

Declaration: show_ip4_neighbors_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1047

Implementation: ip4_neighbor_show

show ip6 neighbor

show ip6 neighbor [interface]

Declaration: show_ip6_neighbor_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1067

Implementation: ip6_neighbor_show

show ip6 neighbor-sorted

show ip6 neighbor-sorted

Declaration: show_ip6_neighbor_sorted_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1077

Implementation: ip6_neighbor_show_sorted

show ip6 neighbors

show ip6 neighbors [interface]

Declaration: show_ip6_neighbors_cmd_node src/vnet/ip-neighbor/ip_neighbor.c line 1052

Implementation: ip6_neighbor_show