Ipsec cli reference

clear ipsec counters

clear ipsec counters

Declaration: clear_ipsec_counters_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 817

Implementation: clear_ipsec_counters_command_fn

clear ipsec sa

clear ipsec sa [index]

Declaration: clear_ipsec_sa_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 620

Implementation: clear_ipsec_sa_command_fn

ipsec itf create

ipsec itf create [instance <instance>] [p2mp]

Create a IPSec interface.

The following two command syntaxes are equivalent:

ipsec itf create [instance <instance>] [p2mp]

Example of how to create a ipsec interface:

ipsec itf create

Declaration: ipsec_itf_create_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_itf.c line 435

Implementation: ipsec_itf_create_cli

ipsec itf delete

ipsec itf delete <interface>

Delete a IPSEC_ITF interface.

The following two command syntaxes are equivalent:

ipsec itf delete <interface>

Example of how to create a ipsec_itf interface:

ipsec itf delete ipsec0

Declaration: ipsec_itf_delete_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_itf.c line 484

Implementation: ipsec_itf_delete_cli

ipsec policy

ipsec policy [add|del] spd <id> priority <n>

Declaration: ipsec_policy_add_del_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 464

Implementation: ipsec_policy_add_del_command_fn

ipsec sa

ipsec sa [add|del]

Declaration: ipsec_sa_add_del_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 209

Implementation: ipsec_sa_add_del_command_fn

ipsec sa bind

ipsec sa [unbind] <sa-id> <worker>

Declaration: ipsec_sa_bind_cmd src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 275

Implementation: ipsec_sa_bind_cli

ipsec select backend

ipsec select backend <ah|esp> <backend index>

Declaration: ipsec_select_backend_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 797

Implementation: ipsec_select_backend_command_fn

ipsec spd

ipsec spd [add|del] <id>

Declaration: ipsec_spd_add_del_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 324

Implementation: ipsec_spd_add_del_command_fn

ipsec tunnel protect

ipsec tunnel protect <interface> input-sa <SA> output-sa <SA> [add|del]

Declaration: ipsec_tun_protect_cmd_node src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 871

Implementation: ipsec_tun_protect_cmd

set interface ipsec spd

set interface ipsec spd <int> <id>

Declaration: set_interface_spd_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 74

Implementation: set_interface_spd_command_fn

set ipsec async mode

set ipsec async mode on|off

Declaration: set_async_mode_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 988

Implementation: set_async_mode_command_fn

show ipsec all

show ipsec all

Declaration: show_ipsec_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 549

Implementation: show_ipsec_command_fn

show ipsec backends

show ipsec backends

Declaration: ipsec_show_backends_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 731

Implementation: ipsec_show_backends_command_fn

show ipsec interface

show ipsec interface

Declaration: ipsec_interface_show_node src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_itf.c line 507

Implementation: ipsec_interface_show

show ipsec protect

show ipsec protect

Declaration: ipsec_tun_protect_show_node src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 892

Implementation: ipsec_tun_protect_show

show ipsec protect-hash

show ipsec protect-hash

Declaration: ipsec_tun_protect_hash_show_node src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 946

Implementation: ipsec_tun_protect_hash_show

show ipsec sa

show ipsec sa [index]

Declaration: show_ipsec_sa_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 614

Implementation: show_ipsec_sa_command_fn

show ipsec spd

show ipsec spd [index]

Declaration: show_ipsec_spd_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 654

Implementation: show_ipsec_spd_command_fn

show ipsec tunnel

show ipsec tunnel

Declaration: show_ipsec_tunnel_command src/vnet/ipsec/ipsec_cli.c line 670

Implementation: show_ipsec_tunnel_command_fn