VLIB application library


Clear commands

Declaration: vlib_cli_clear_command src/vlib/cli.c line 64

clear errors

Clear error counters

Declaration: cli_clear_error_counters src/vlib/error.c line 394

Implementation: clear_error_counters

clear logging

clear logging

Declaration: cli_clear_log src/vlib/log.c line 482

Implementation: clear_log

clear node counters

Clear node counters

Declaration: cli_clear_node_counters src/vlib/error.c line 400

Implementation: clear_error_counters

clear runtime

Clear packet processing runtime statistics

Declaration: clear_node_runtime_command src/vlib/node_cli.c line 682

Implementation: clear_node_runtime

clear trace

Clear trace buffer and free memory

Declaration: clear_trace_cli src/vlib/trace.c line 584

Implementation: cli_clear_trace_buffer

event-logger clear

Clear the event log

Declaration: elog_clear_cli src/vlib/main.c line 635

Implementation: vlib_cli_elog_clear

event-logger resize

event-logger resize <nnn>

Declaration: elog_resize_cli src/vlib/main.c line 752

Implementation: elog_resize_command_fn

event-logger restart

Restart the event-logger

Declaration: elog_restart_cli src/vlib/main.c line 724

Implementation: elog_restart

event-logger save

event-logger save <filename> (saves log in /tmp/<filename>)

Declaration: elog_save_cli src/vlib/main.c line 688

Implementation: elog_save_buffer

event-logger stop

Stop the event-logger

Declaration: elog_stop_cli src/vlib/main.c line 706

Implementation: elog_stop

event-logger trace

event-logger trace [api][cli][barrier][dispatch]
[circuit-node <name> e.g. ethernet-input][disable]

Control event logging of api, cli, and thread barrier events With no arguments, displays the current trace status. Name the event groups you wish to trace or stop tracing.

event-logger trace api cli barrier
event-logger trace api cli barrier disable
event-logger trace dispatch
event-logger trace circuit-node ethernet-input
event-logger trace [api][cli][barrier][disable]

Declaration: event_logger_trace_command src/vlib/cli.c line 1626

Implementation: event_logger_trace_command_fn


memory-trace on|off [api-segment][stats-segment][main-heap]
                   [numa-heap <numa-id>]

Declaration: enable_disable_memory_trace_command src/vlib/cli.c line 1110

Implementation: enable_disable_memory_trace


restart process

Declaration: restart_cmd src/vlib/cli.c line 1141

Implementation: restart_cmd_fn


Set commands

Declaration: vlib_cli_set_command src/vlib/cli.c line 70

set clock adjust

set clock adjust <nn>

Declaration: vlib_time_virtual_command src/vlib/time.c line 80

Implementation: vlib_time_virtual_adjust_command_fn

set logging class

set logging class <class> [rate-limit <int>] [level <level>] [syslog-level <level>]

Declaration: cli_set_log src/vlib/log.c line 614

Implementation: set_log_class

set logging size

set logging size <int>

Declaration: cli_set_log_size src/vlib/log.c line 680

Implementation: set_log_size

set logging unthrottle-time

set logging unthrottle-time <int>

Declaration: cli_set_log_params src/vlib/log.c line 646

Implementation: set_log_unth_time

set node function

set node function <node-name> <variant-name>

Declaration: set_node_fn_command src/vlib/node_cli.c line 900

Implementation: set_node_fn

set trace filter function

set trace filter function <func_name>

Declaration: set_trace_filter_function_cli src/vlib/trace.c line 740

Implementation: set_trace_filter_function


Show commands

Declaration: vlib_cli_show_command src/vlib/cli.c line 58

show buffers

Show packet buffer allocation

Declaration: show_buffers_command src/vlib/buffer.c line 638

Implementation: show_buffers

show cli

show cli [mp-safe][not-mp-safe][hit][clear-hit]

Displays debug cli command information

show cli [mp-safe][not-mp-safe][hit][clear-hit]

"show cli" displays the entire debug cli:

abf attach
abf policy
adjacency counters
api trace
app ns
bfd key del
... and so on ...

"show cli mp-safe" displays mp-safe debug CLI commands:

abf policy
create vhost-user
ip container
ip mroute
ip probe-neighbor
ip route
ip scan-neighbor
ip table
ip6 table

"show cli not-mp-safe" displays debug CLI commands
which cause worker thread barrier synchronization

"show cli hit" displays commands which have been executed. Qualify
as desired with "mp-safe" or "not-mp-safe".

"show cli clear-hit" clears the per-command hit counters.

Declaration: show_cli_command src/vlib/cli.c line 1839

Implementation: show_cli_command_fn

show clock

show clock

Declaration: f_command src/vlib/threads.c line 1751

Implementation: show_clock_command_fn

show cpu

Show cpu information

Displays various information about the CPU.

show cpu

Model name:               Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v4 @ 3.20GHz
Microarchitecture:        Broadwell (Broadwell-EP/EX)
Flags:                    sse3 ssse3 sse41 sse42 avx avx2 aes
Base Frequency:           3.20 GHz

Declaration: show_cpu_command src/vlib/cli.c line 998

Implementation: show_cpu

show errors

Show error counts

Declaration: vlib_cli_show_errors src/vlib/error.c line 365

Implementation: show_errors

show event-logger

Show event logger info

Declaration: elog_show_cli src/vlib/main.c line 809

Implementation: elog_show_buffer

show frame-queue

show frame-queue trace

Declaration: cmd_show_frame_queue_trace src/vlib/threads_cli.c line 362

Implementation: show_frame_queue_trace

show frame-queue histogram

show frame-queue histogram

Declaration: cmd_show_frame_queue_histogram src/vlib/threads_cli.c line 368

Implementation: show_frame_queue_histogram

show logging

show logging

Declaration: cli_show_log src/vlib/log.c line 407

Implementation: show_log

show logging configuration

show logging configuration

Declaration: cli_show_log_config src/vlib/log.c line 453

Implementation: show_log_config

show memory

show memory [api-segment][stats-segment][verbose]

Declaration: show_memory_usage_command src/vlib/cli.c line 966

Implementation: show_memory_usage

show node

show node [index] <node-name | node-index>

Declaration: show_node_command src/vlib/node_cli.c line 848

Implementation: show_node

show node counters

Show node counters

Declaration: cli_show_node_counters src/vlib/error.c line 371

Implementation: show_errors

show physmem

show physmem [verbose | detail | map]

Declaration: show_physmem_command src/vlib/physmem.c line 165

Implementation: show_physmem

show punt client

show client[s] registered with the punt infra

Declaration: punt_client_show_command src/vlib/punt.c line 605

Implementation: punt_client_show

show punt db

show the punt DB

Declaration: punt_db_show_command src/vlib/punt.c line 665

Implementation: punt_db_show

show punt reasons

show all punt reasons

Declaration: punt_reason_show_command src/vlib/punt.c line 626

Implementation: punt_reason_show

show punt stats

show the punt stats

Declaration: punt_stats_show_command src/vlib/punt.c line 690

Implementation: punt_stats_show

show runtime

Show packet processing runtime

Declaration: show_node_runtime_command src/vlib/node_cli.c line 629

Implementation: show_node_runtime

show threads

Show threads

Declaration: show_threads_command src/vlib/threads_cli.c line 88

Implementation: show_threads_fn

show trace

Show trace buffer [max COUNT]

Declaration: show_trace_cli src/vlib/trace.c line 356

Implementation: cli_show_trace_buffer

show trace filter function

show trace filter function

Declaration: show_trace_filter_function_cli src/vlib/trace.c line 672

Implementation: show_trace_filter_function

show vlib frame-allocation

Show node dispatch frame statistics

Declaration: show_frame_stats_cli src/vlib/main.c line 243

Implementation: show_frame_stats

show vlib graph

Show packet processing node graph

Declaration: show_node_graph_command src/vlib/node_cli.c line 88

Implementation: show_node_graph

show vlib graphviz

Dump packet processing node graph as a graphviz dotfile

Dump dot files data to draw a graph of all the nodes. If the argument 'filter' is provided, only the active nodes (since the last "clear run" command) are selected and they are scaled and colored according to their utilization. You can choose to filter nodes that are called, nodes that receive vectors or both (default). The 'file' option allows to save data in a temp file.

show vlib graphviz
show vlib graphviz filter file tmpfile
show vlib graphviz filter calls file tmpfile
show vlib graphviz [filter][calls][vectors][file <filename>]

Declaration: show_node_graphviz_command src/vlib/node_cli.c line 325

Implementation: show_node_graphviz


suspend debug CLI for 30ms

Declaration: suspend_command src/vlib/cli.c line 1642

Implementation: suspend_command_fn


Test commands

Declaration: vlib_cli_test_command src/vlib/cli.c line 76

test frame-queue nelts

test frame-queue nelts (4,8,16,32)

Declaration: cmd_test_frame_queue_nelts src/vlib/threads_cli.c line 441

Implementation: test_frame_queue_nelts

test frame-queue threshold

test frame-queue threshold N (0=no limit)

Declaration: cmd_test_frame_queue_threshold src/vlib/threads_cli.c line 518

Implementation: test_frame_queue_threshold

test log

test log <level> <class> <subclass> <message>

Declaration: cli_test_log src/vlib/log.c line 757

Implementation: test_log_class_subclass

test sleep

Sleep for 10 seconds

Declaration: ping_command src/vlib/cli.c line 1171

Implementation: sleep_ten_seconds


Packet tracer commands

Declaration: trace_cli_command src/vlib/trace.c line 176

trace add

trace add <input-graph-node> <add'l-pkts-for-node-> [filter] [verbose]

Declaration: add_trace_cli src/vlib/trace.c line 468

Implementation: cli_add_trace_buffer

trace filter

trace filter none | [include|exclude] NODE COUNT

Declaration: filter_trace_cli src/vlib/trace.c line 570

Implementation: cli_filter_trace

trace frame-queue

trace frame-queue (on|off)

Declaration: cmd_trace_frame_queue src/vlib/threads_cli.c line 182

Implementation: trace_frame_queue