Shared Memory Packet Interface (memif) Library


  • ✅ Slave mode

    • ✅ Connect to VPP over memif

    • ✅ ICMP responder example app

  • ✅ Transmit/receive packets

  • ✅ Interrupt mode support

  • ✅ File descriptor event polling in libmemif (optional)

    • ✅ Simplify file descriptor event polling (one handler for control and interrupt channel)

  • ✅ Multiple connections

  • ✅ Multiple queues

    • ✅ Multi-thread support

  • ✅ Master mode

    • ✅ Multiple regions

  • ✅ Loopback


This setup will run libmemif ICMP responder example app in container. Install docker engine. Useful link: Docker documentation.

Build the docker image:

# docker build . -t libmemif

Now you should be able to see libmemif image on your local machine:

# docker images
REPOSITORY                       TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED              SIZE
libmemif                         latest              32ecc2f9d013        About a minute ago   468MB

Run container:

# docker run -it --rm --name icmp-responder --hostname icmp-responder --privileged -v "/run/vpp/:/run/vpp/" libmemif

The interface will by default connect to a master interface listening on /run/vpp/master.sock. The example will handle ARP requests and respond to ICMPv4 requests to

Continue with Libmemif Examples which contains instructions on how to set up connection between icmp_responder example app and VPP-memif.