Additional features

This section describes a little about the VPP environment and some of the features that can be used by developers.

  • Extensive runtime counters; throughput, intructions per cycle, errors, events etc.

  • Integrated pipeline tracing facilities

  • Multi-language API bindings

  • Integrated command line for debugging

  • Fault-tolerant and upgradable

    • Runs as a standard user-space process for fault tolerance, software crashes seldom require more than a process restart.

    • Improved fault-tolerance and upgradability when compared to running similar packet processing in the kernel, software updates never require system reboots.

    • Development experience is easier compared to similar kernel code

    • Hardware isolation and protection (iommu)

  • Built for security

    • Extensive white-box testing

    • Image segment base address randomization

    • Shared-memory segment base address randomization

    • Stack bounds checking

    • Static analysis with Coverity

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