IP session redirect

This plugin allows to steer packet via different paths based on the classifier. It leverages the VPP classifier ACL infrastructure (classifier, in_out_acl etc), extending its capabilities to redirect traffic without having to resort on additional VRFs. It also allows to steer punted packets using the same mechanism.

Maturity level

Under development: it should work, but has not been thoroughly tested.


  • steer regular or/and punt traffic using the classifier

  • API


  1. configure punting

~# vppctl set punt ipv4 udp all
  1. create the classifier table and uses it for punt ACL

~# vppctl classify table miss-next drop mask l3 ip4 src l4 udp src_port buckets 100000
~# vppctl set interface input acl intfc local0 ip4-punt-table 0
  1. add session to steer punted packets

~# vppctl ip session redirect table 0 match l3 ip4 src l4 src_port 1234 via pg1