vcl-ldpreload is a LD_PRELOAD library that uses the VPP Communications Library (VCL).

User can LD_PRELOAD any application that uses POSIX socket API.

NOTE: The sources have been moved to vpp/src/vcl and libvcl_ldpreload.so is built with VPP and can be found in vpp/build-root/install-vpp[_debug]-native/vpp/lib

1. Running the demo

Run test script without parameters to see help menu:

export WS_ROOT= (e.g. /scratch/my_name/vpp)

2. Docker iPerf examples

These launch xterms. To quit, close xterms and run following docker kill cmd (WARNING: This will kill all docker containers!) ‘docker kill $(docker ps -q)’

Docker iPerf using default Linux Bridge

$WS_ROOT/test/scripts/socket_test.sh -bi docker-kernel

Docker iPerf using VPP

$WS_ROOT/test/scripts/socket_test.sh -bi docker-preload