Release notes for VPP 19.08.2

The 19.08.2 is an LTS release. It contains numerous fixes, as well as new features and API additions.


  • API trace tool

    • Add text output (c395ff143)

  • Binary API Libraries

    • Add API support for PP2 plugin to stable/1908 (1c3c9f039)

  • Build System

    • Pass ‘no-pci’ to autgenerated config (c0552134e)

    • Add env variable to pass extra cmake args (116e05f57)

  • Infrastructure Library

    • Implement CLIB_PAUSE () for aarch64 platforms (a3c45242b)

    • Create unformat function for data size parsing (cb19100c1)

  • Link Bonding

    • Fix interface deletion (1517d5e72)

    • Add GSO support (a06f68556)

  • Physical Memory Allocator

    • Always lock pages (5b2eea6e0)

  • Plugins

    • AVF Device driver

      • Print queue id in packet trace (9e028d047)

    • DPDK

      • Ipsec tunnel support for ip6-in-ip4 (2dde5a478)

      • QAT devices update, add c4xxx and xeon d15xx (f5d6c80ac)

      • Add TSO support in DPDK plugin. (5564db853)

    • Group Based Policy (GBP)

      • Add extended SFC unit tests (30f7e4198)

    • Host Stack Applications

      • Make APP_OPTIONS_PREALLOC_FIFO_PAIRS configurable (47c6f36be)

    • Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) Protocol

      • Add support for GCM cipher (2fa9f679c)

    • QUIC protocol

      • Add cli command for stats (88af6c3f4)

      • Add Tx, Rx and packet drop counters (3a61a40dd)

      • Create custom event logger (2f9ec5001)

      • Make quic fifo size configurable via cli (7fc3d97b8)

    • RDMA (ibverb) driver

      • Add support for input feature arcs (cbae1e1c5)

      • Add support for MAC changes (ffdfe308b)

    • Http_static

      • Add dynamic GET / POST method hooks (faf5195e3)

  • Python binding for the VPP API

    • Let async calls return context (e6b29a9df)

    • Introduce read_blocking (1c45b85df)

  • SVM Library

    • Improve fifo segment verbose cli (d2bff0786)

  • Statistics Segment

    • Add /if/<n>/<n>/state for lacp interface state (d5e8ed7be)

  • Test Infrastructure

    • Support worker threads (51699e62c)

    • Support setting random seed (fc000f0e1)

    • Add cli_return_response to vpp_papi_provider (64d744350)

    • Test tls case (87e1bcdd7)

  • VNET

    • Classifier

      • Use vector code even when data is not aligned (bebbd7f62)

      • VPP packet tracer support (7c5a3536c)

    • IPSec

      • Add ‘detail’ option to ‘sh ipsec sa’ (56417fa94)

      • Add insecure option for format of SA (591aa64e8)

      • Support 4o6 and 6o4 for tunnel protect (2e6d73934)

    • IPv4 and IPv6 LPM

      • Allow addrs from the same prefix on intf (da900b25c)

      • Punt rather than drop unkown IPv6 ICMP packets (fd2f6f89e)

    • Session Layer

      • Add explicit reset api (a267cba29)

      • Improve cli (2ff21af39)

      • Add session enable option in config file (b1ef5567b)

      • Limit pacer bucket size (079895d95)

      • Builtin app rx notifications regardless of state (8e4afc86d)

      • Infra for transports to send buffers (57997c874)

      • Reschedule asap when snd space constrained (89ab1762d)

    • TCP

      • Allow cc algos to set pacing rate (82df1eb90)

      • Set cc_algo on connection alloc (7fe501a4b)

      • Add option for always on event logging (e73bd8503)

      • Track zero rwnd errors (a2c063712)

      • Validate connections in output (ea584d137)

      • Force zero window on full rx fifo (fbe948c81)

      • Send rwnd update only if wnd is large enough (0ad8477ba)

      • Enable gso in tcp hoststack (6f3621d77)

      • Handle SACK reneging (9dba3dbf0)

      • Use rate sample RTT in recovery if possible (6702641f5)

      • Compute snd time for rate sample (69460ae11)

      • Use sacks for timer based recovery (d4aa3d9f8)

      • Custom checksum calculations for Ipv4/Ipv6 (3642782a2)

      • Retry lost retransmits (7b135c639)

      • Improve pacing after idle send periods (abdc7dfb5)

      • Track lost rxt segments in byte tracker (6de46b40d)

      • Validate the IP address while checking TCP connection (6c1ce53b4)

      • Improve lost rxt heuristic (04b4204d9)

  • VPP Comms Library

    • Allow non-blocking connects (4767cf24f)

    • Add api to set lcl ip (2c55610e2)

  • Vector Library

    • Add flag to explicitelly mark nodes which can init per-node packet trace (29dc11bde)

    • Enhance the “show cli” debug CLI command (b5a0108ac)

  • Libmemif

    • Introduce ‘memif_per_thread_’ namespace (2736fc7fc)

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