Release notes for VPP 17.07

More than 400 commits since the 1704 release.


  • Infrastructure

    • make test; improved debuggability.

    • TAB auto-completion on the CLI

    • DPDK 17.05

    • python 3 support in test infra

  • Host stack

    • Improved Linux TCP stack compatibility using IWL test suite (

    • Improved loss recovery (RFC5681, RFC6582, RF6675)

    • Basic implementation of Eifel detection algorithm (RFC3522)

    • Basic support for buffer chains

    • Refactored session layer API

    • Overall performance, scale and hardening

  • Interfaces

    • memif: IP mode, jumbo frames, multi queue

    • virtio-user support

    • vhost-usr; adaptive (poll/interupt) support.

  • Network features

    • MPLS Multicast FIB

    • BFD FIB integration

    • NAT64 support

    • GRE over IPv6

    • Segement routing MPLS

    • IOAM configuration for SRv6 localsid

    • LISP

      • NSH support

      • native forward static routes

      • L2 ARP

    • ACL multi-core suuport

    • Flowprobe:

      • Add flowstartns, flowendns and tcpcontrolbits

      • Stateful flows and IPv6, L4 recording

    • GTP-U support

    • VXLAN GPE support for FIB2.0 and bypass.

Known issues

For the full list of issues please refer to JIRA.

Issues fixed

For the full list of fixed issues please refer to: