FD.io VPP  v20.05-21-gb1500e9ff
Vector Packet Processing
flowprobe_trace_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

u32 rx_sw_if_index
 interface handle More...
u32 tx_sw_if_index
u64 timestamp
 packet timestamp More...
u16 buffer_size
 size of the buffer More...
u8 src_mac [6]
 L2 information. More...
u8 dst_mac [6]
u16 ethertype
 Ethertype. More...
ip46_address_t src_address
 L3 information. More...
ip46_address_t dst_address
u8 protocol
u8 tos
u16 src_port
 L4 information. More...
u16 dst_port
flowprobe_variant_t which

Detailed Description

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Field Documentation

◆ buffer_size

u16 flowprobe_trace_t::buffer_size

size of the buffer

Definition at line 41 of file node.c.

◆ dst_address

ip46_address_t flowprobe_trace_t::dst_address

Definition at line 51 of file node.c.

◆ dst_mac

u8 flowprobe_trace_t::dst_mac[6]

Definition at line 45 of file node.c.

◆ dst_port

u16 flowprobe_trace_t::dst_port

Definition at line 57 of file node.c.

◆ ethertype

u16 flowprobe_trace_t::ethertype


Definition at line 47 of file node.c.

◆ protocol

u8 flowprobe_trace_t::protocol

Definition at line 52 of file node.c.

◆ rx_sw_if_index

u32 flowprobe_trace_t::rx_sw_if_index

interface handle

Definition at line 36 of file node.c.

◆ src_address

ip46_address_t flowprobe_trace_t::src_address

L3 information.

Definition at line 50 of file node.c.

◆ src_mac

u8 flowprobe_trace_t::src_mac[6]

L2 information.

Definition at line 44 of file node.c.

◆ src_port

u16 flowprobe_trace_t::src_port

L4 information.

Definition at line 56 of file node.c.

◆ timestamp

u64 flowprobe_trace_t::timestamp

packet timestamp

Definition at line 39 of file node.c.

◆ tos

u8 flowprobe_trace_t::tos

Definition at line 53 of file node.c.

◆ tx_sw_if_index

u32 flowprobe_trace_t::tx_sw_if_index

Definition at line 37 of file node.c.

◆ which

flowprobe_variant_t flowprobe_trace_t::which

Definition at line 59 of file node.c.

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