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Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t Struct Reference

IPsec security association database response. More...

Data Fields

u32 context
vl_api_ipsec_sad_entry_t entry
vl_api_interface_index_t sw_if_index
u32 salt
u64 seq_outbound
u64 last_seq_inbound
u64 replay_window
u32 stat_index

Detailed Description

IPsec security association database response.

Template Parameters
context- sender context which was passed in the request
sa_id- SA ID, policy-based SAs >=0, tunnel interface SAs = 0
sw_if_index- sw_if_index of tunnel interface, policy-based SAs = ~0
spi- security parameter index
protocol- IPsec protocol (value from ipsec_protocol_t)
crypto_alg- crypto algorithm (value from ipsec_crypto_alg_t)
crypto_key_len- length of crypto_key in bytes
crypto_key- crypto keying material
integ_alg- integrity algorithm (value from ipsec_integ_alg_t)
integ_key_len- length of integ_key in bytes
integ_key- integrity keying material
use_esn- using extended sequence numbers when non-zero
use_anti_replay- using anti-replay window when non-zero
is_tunnel- IPsec tunnel mode when non-zero, else transport mode
is_tunnel_ipv6- If using tunnel mode, endpoints are IPv6
tunnel_src_addr- Tunnel source address if using tunnel mode
tunnel_dst_addr- Tunnel destination address is using tunnel mode
salt- 4 byte salt
seq- current sequence number for outbound
seq_hi- high 32 bits of ESN for outbound
last_seq- highest sequence number received inbound
last_seq_hi- high 32 bits of highest ESN received inbound
replay_window- bit map of seq nums received relative to last_seq if using anti-replay
stat_index- index for the SA in the stats segment @ /net/ipsec/sa
udp_encap- 1 if UDP encap enabled, 0 otherwise

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Field Documentation

◆ context

u32 vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::context

Definition at line 421 of file ipsec.api.

◆ entry

vl_api_ipsec_sad_entry_t vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::entry

Definition at line 422 of file ipsec.api.

◆ last_seq_inbound

u64 vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::last_seq_inbound

Definition at line 427 of file ipsec.api.

◆ replay_window

u64 vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::replay_window

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◆ salt

u32 vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::salt

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◆ seq_outbound

u64 vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::seq_outbound

Definition at line 426 of file ipsec.api.

◆ stat_index

u32 vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::stat_index

Definition at line 430 of file ipsec.api.

◆ sw_if_index

vl_api_interface_index_t vl_api_ipsec_sa_details_t::sw_if_index

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