FD.io VPP  v20.05-21-gb1500e9ff
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t Struct Reference

Add or delete IPsec tunnel interface. More...

Data Fields

u32 client_index
u32 context
bool is_add
bool esn
bool anti_replay
vl_api_address_t local_ip
vl_api_address_t remote_ip
u32 local_spi
u32 remote_spi
u8 crypto_alg
u8 local_crypto_key_len
u8 local_crypto_key [128]
u8 remote_crypto_key_len
u8 remote_crypto_key [128]
u8 integ_alg
u8 local_integ_key_len
u8 local_integ_key [128]
u8 remote_integ_key_len
u8 remote_integ_key [128]
bool renumber
u32 show_instance
bool udp_encap
u32 tx_table_id
u32 salt

Detailed Description

Add or delete IPsec tunnel interface.

!!DEPRECATED!! use the tunnel protect APIs instead

Template Parameters
client_index- opaque cookie to identify the sender
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
is_add- add IPsec tunnel interface if nonzero, else delete
is_ip6- tunnel v6 or v4
esn- enable extended sequence numbers if nonzero, else disable
anti_replay- enable anti replay check if nonzero, else disable
local_ip- local IP address
remote_ip- IP address of remote IPsec peer
local_spi- SPI of outbound IPsec SA
remote_spi- SPI of inbound IPsec SA
crypto_alg- encryption algorithm ID
local_crypto_key_len- length of local crypto key in bytes
local_crypto_key- crypto key for outbound IPsec SA
remote_crypto_key_len- length of remote crypto key in bytes
remote_crypto_key- crypto key for inbound IPsec SA
integ_alg- integrity algorithm ID
local_integ_key_len- length of local integrity key in bytes
local_integ_key- integrity key for outbound IPsec SA
remote_integ_key_len- length of remote integrity key in bytes
remote_integ_key- integrity key for inbound IPsec SA
renumber- intf display name uses a specified instance if != 0
show_instance- instance to display for intf if renumber is set
udp_encap- enable UDP encapsulation for NAT traversal
tx_table_id- the FIB id used after packet encap
salt- for use with counter mode ciphers

Definition at line 344 of file ipsec.api.

Field Documentation

◆ anti_replay

bool vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::anti_replay

Definition at line 349 of file ipsec.api.

◆ client_index

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::client_index

Definition at line 345 of file ipsec.api.

◆ context

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::context

Definition at line 346 of file ipsec.api.

◆ crypto_alg

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::crypto_alg

Definition at line 354 of file ipsec.api.

◆ esn

bool vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::esn

Definition at line 348 of file ipsec.api.

◆ integ_alg

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::integ_alg

Definition at line 359 of file ipsec.api.

◆ is_add

bool vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::is_add

Definition at line 347 of file ipsec.api.

◆ local_crypto_key

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::local_crypto_key[128]

Definition at line 356 of file ipsec.api.

◆ local_crypto_key_len

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::local_crypto_key_len

Definition at line 355 of file ipsec.api.

◆ local_integ_key

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::local_integ_key[128]

Definition at line 361 of file ipsec.api.

◆ local_integ_key_len

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::local_integ_key_len

Definition at line 360 of file ipsec.api.

◆ local_ip

vl_api_address_t vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::local_ip

Definition at line 350 of file ipsec.api.

◆ local_spi

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::local_spi

Definition at line 352 of file ipsec.api.

◆ remote_crypto_key

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::remote_crypto_key[128]

Definition at line 358 of file ipsec.api.

◆ remote_crypto_key_len

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::remote_crypto_key_len

Definition at line 357 of file ipsec.api.

◆ remote_integ_key

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::remote_integ_key[128]

Definition at line 363 of file ipsec.api.

◆ remote_integ_key_len

u8 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::remote_integ_key_len

Definition at line 362 of file ipsec.api.

◆ remote_ip

vl_api_address_t vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::remote_ip

Definition at line 351 of file ipsec.api.

◆ remote_spi

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::remote_spi

Definition at line 353 of file ipsec.api.

◆ renumber

bool vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::renumber

Definition at line 364 of file ipsec.api.

◆ salt

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::salt

Definition at line 368 of file ipsec.api.

◆ show_instance

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::show_instance

Definition at line 365 of file ipsec.api.

◆ tx_table_id

u32 vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::tx_table_id

Definition at line 367 of file ipsec.api.

◆ udp_encap

bool vl_api_ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del_t::udp_encap

Definition at line 366 of file ipsec.api.

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