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Vector Packet Processing
gre.api File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  vl_api_gre_tunnel_add_del_t
struct  vl_api_gre_tunnel_add_del_reply_t
struct  vl_api_gre_tunnel_dump_t
struct  vl_api_gre_tunnel_details_t


 A GRE tunnel type. More...


option version = "2.0.0"
import vnet interface_types api
typedef gre_tunnel
 A GRE tunnel. More...
u32 context
u16 session_id
vl_api_gre_tunnel_type_t type
u32 instance
u32 outer_fib_id
vl_api_interface_index_t sw_if_index
vl_api_address_t src
vl_api_address_t dst

Enumeration Type Documentation

A GRE tunnel type.


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Variable Documentation

import vnet ip ip_types api

Definition at line 19 of file gre.api.

u32 context

Definition at line 45 of file gre.api.

vl_api_address_t dst

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typedef gre_tunnel
Initial value:
u32 client_index
unsigned int u32
Definition: types.h:88

A GRE tunnel.

Template Parameters
client_index- opaque cookie to identify the sender
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
tunnel_type- 0: L3, 1: TEB, 2: ERSPAN
instance- optional unique custom device instance, else ~0.
src- Source IP address
dst- Destination IP address, can be multicast
outer_fib_id- Encap FIB table ID
session_id- session for ERSPAN tunnel, range 0-1023
sw_if_index- ignored on create/delete, present in details.

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u32 instance

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u32 outer_fib_id

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u16 session_id

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vl_api_address_t src

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vl_api_interface_index_t sw_if_index

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vl_api_gre_tunnel_type_t type

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option version = "2.0.0"

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