FD.io VPP  v19.08-27-gf4dcae4
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_connect_sock_t Struct Reference

Connect to a remote peer. More...

Data Fields

u32 client_index
u32 context
u32 wrk_index
u64 client_queue_address
u64 options [16]
u32 vrf
u8 is_ip4
u8 ip [16]
u16 port
u8 proto
u64 parent_handle
u8 hostname_len
u8 hostname [hostname_len]

Detailed Description

Connect to a remote peer.

Template Parameters
client_index- opaque cookie to identify the sender
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
wrk_index- worker that requests the connect
client_queue_address- client's API queue address. Non-zero when used to perform redirects
options- socket options, fifo sizes, etc. when doing redirects
vrf- connection namespace
is_ip4- flag that is 1 if ip address family is IPv4
ip- ip address
port- port
proto- protocol 0 - TCP 1 - UDP
hostname-len- length of hostname
hostname- destination's hostname. If present, used by protocols like tls.
parent_handle- handle of parent session (e.g. for opening quic streams).

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Field Documentation

u32 vl_api_connect_sock_t::client_index

Definition at line 256 of file session.api.

u64 vl_api_connect_sock_t::client_queue_address

Definition at line 259 of file session.api.

u32 vl_api_connect_sock_t::context

Definition at line 257 of file session.api.

u8 vl_api_connect_sock_t::hostname[hostname_len]

Definition at line 268 of file session.api.

u8 vl_api_connect_sock_t::hostname_len

Definition at line 267 of file session.api.

u8 vl_api_connect_sock_t::ip[16]

Definition at line 263 of file session.api.

u8 vl_api_connect_sock_t::is_ip4

Definition at line 262 of file session.api.

u64 vl_api_connect_sock_t::options[16]

Definition at line 260 of file session.api.

u64 vl_api_connect_sock_t::parent_handle

Definition at line 266 of file session.api.

u16 vl_api_connect_sock_t::port

Definition at line 264 of file session.api.

u8 vl_api_connect_sock_t::proto

Definition at line 265 of file session.api.

u32 vl_api_connect_sock_t::vrf

Definition at line 261 of file session.api.

u32 vl_api_connect_sock_t::wrk_index

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