FD.io VPP  v19.08-27-gf4dcae4
Vector Packet Processing
vnet_hw_interface_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

vnet_hw_interface_flags_t flags
u32 link_speed
u32 output_node_index
u32 tx_node_index
u32 dev_class_index
u32 dev_instance
u32 hw_class_index
u32 hw_instance
u32 hw_if_index
u32 sw_if_index
u32 output_node_next_index
f64 max_rate_bits_per_sec
u32 min_supported_packet_bytes
u32 max_supported_packet_bytes
u32 min_packet_bytes
u32 max_packet_bytes
u32 l2_if_count
u32 input_node_index
vnet_hw_interface_rx_mode default_rx_mode
u8 numa_node
u8 padding [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 499 of file interface.h.

Field Documentation

uword* vnet_hw_interface_t::bond_info

Definition at line 562 of file interface.h.

vnet_hw_interface_rx_mode vnet_hw_interface_t::default_rx_mode

Definition at line 574 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::dev_class_index

Definition at line 520 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::dev_instance

Definition at line 521 of file interface.h.

uword* vnet_hw_interface_t::dq_runtime_index_by_queue

Definition at line 577 of file interface.h.

vnet_hw_interface_flags_t vnet_hw_interface_t::flags

Definition at line 505 of file interface.h.

u8* vnet_hw_interface_t::hw_address

Definition at line 513 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::hw_class_index

Definition at line 524 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::hw_if_index

Definition at line 528 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::hw_instance

Definition at line 525 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::input_node_index

Definition at line 567 of file interface.h.

u32* vnet_hw_interface_t::input_node_thread_index_by_queue

Definition at line 570 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::l2_if_count

Definition at line 556 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::link_speed

Definition at line 509 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::max_packet_bytes

Definition at line 550 of file interface.h.

f64 vnet_hw_interface_t::max_rate_bits_per_sec

Definition at line 538 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::max_supported_packet_bytes

Definition at line 544 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::min_packet_bytes

Definition at line 547 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::min_supported_packet_bytes

Definition at line 541 of file interface.h.

u8* vnet_hw_interface_t::name

Definition at line 502 of file interface.h.

u8 vnet_hw_interface_t::numa_node

Definition at line 580 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::output_node_index

Definition at line 517 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::output_node_next_index

Definition at line 535 of file interface.h.

u8 vnet_hw_interface_t::padding[3]

Definition at line 582 of file interface.h.

u8* vnet_hw_interface_t::rx_mode_by_queue

Definition at line 573 of file interface.h.

uword* vnet_hw_interface_t::sub_interface_sw_if_index_by_id

Definition at line 553 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::sw_if_index

Definition at line 531 of file interface.h.

u32 vnet_hw_interface_t::tx_node_index

Definition at line 517 of file interface.h.

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