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Vector Packet Processing
igmp_main_t_ Struct Reference

collection of data related to IGMP More...

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Data Fields

u16 msg_id_base
 API base message ID. More...
 API client registered for events. More...
 per-interface DB of configs More...
 the number of igmp configs for each mfib_index (VRF) More...
vlib_log_class_t logger
 logger - VLIB log class More...
 pool of configs More...
 pool of groups More...
 pool of sources More...
 per-vrf DB of proxy devices More...
 pool of proxy devices More...

Detailed Description

collection of data related to IGMP

Definition at line 63 of file igmp.h.

Field Documentation

vpe_client_registration_t* igmp_main_t_::api_clients

API client registered for events.

Definition at line 75 of file igmp.h.

igmp_config_t* igmp_main_t_::configs

pool of configs

Definition at line 95 of file igmp.h.

igmp_group_t* igmp_main_t_::groups

pool of groups

Definition at line 100 of file igmp.h.

uword* igmp_main_t_::igmp_api_client_by_client_index

Definition at line 70 of file igmp.h.

u32* igmp_main_t_::igmp_config_by_sw_if_index

per-interface DB of configs

Definition at line 80 of file igmp.h.

u32* igmp_main_t_::igmp_proxy_device_by_vrf_id

per-vrf DB of proxy devices

Definition at line 109 of file igmp.h.

vlib_log_class_t igmp_main_t_::logger

logger - VLIB log class

Definition at line 90 of file igmp.h.

u16 igmp_main_t_::msg_id_base

API base message ID.

Definition at line 68 of file igmp.h.

u32* igmp_main_t_::n_configs_per_mfib_index

the number of igmp configs for each mfib_index (VRF)

Definition at line 85 of file igmp.h.

igmp_proxy_device_t* igmp_main_t_::proxy_devices

pool of proxy devices

Definition at line 114 of file igmp.h.

igmp_src_t* igmp_main_t_::srcs

pool of sources

Definition at line 104 of file igmp.h.

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