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Vector Packet Processing
dpdk_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

dpdk_device_and_queue_t ** devices_by_hqos_cpu
u32 buffer_flags_template
u8 admin_up_down_in_progress
int hqos_cpu_first_index
int hqos_cpu_count
f64 link_state_poll_interval
f64 stat_poll_interval
u16 msg_id_base
vlib_log_class_t log_default

Detailed Description

Definition at line 388 of file dpdk.h.

Field Documentation

u8 dpdk_main_t::admin_up_down_in_progress

Definition at line 403 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_main_t::buffer_flags_template

Definition at line 397 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_config_main_t* dpdk_main_t::conf

Definition at line 416 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_device_t* dpdk_main_t::devices

Definition at line 392 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_device_and_queue_t** dpdk_main_t::devices_by_hqos_cpu

Definition at line 393 of file dpdk.h.

int dpdk_main_t::hqos_cpu_count

Definition at line 407 of file dpdk.h.

int dpdk_main_t::hqos_cpu_first_index

Definition at line 406 of file dpdk.h.

f64 dpdk_main_t::link_state_poll_interval

Definition at line 410 of file dpdk.h.

vlib_log_class_t dpdk_main_t::log_default

Definition at line 422 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_main_t::msg_id_base

Definition at line 419 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_per_thread_data_t* dpdk_main_t::per_thread_data

Definition at line 394 of file dpdk.h.

f64 dpdk_main_t::stat_poll_interval

Definition at line 411 of file dpdk.h.

vlib_main_t* dpdk_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 414 of file dpdk.h.

vnet_main_t* dpdk_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 415 of file dpdk.h.

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