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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_trace_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlib_trace_header_t ** trace_buffer_pool
u32 last_main_loop_count
u32 filter_node_index
u32 filter_flag
u32 filter_count
u32 trace_enable
int verbose

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file trace.h.

Field Documentation

vlib_add_trace_callback_t* vlib_trace_main_t::add_trace_callback

Definition at line 109 of file trace.h.

u32 vlib_trace_main_t::filter_count

Definition at line 94 of file trace.h.

u32 vlib_trace_main_t::filter_flag

Definition at line 90 of file trace.h.

u32 vlib_trace_main_t::filter_node_index

Definition at line 89 of file trace.h.

u32 vlib_trace_main_t::last_main_loop_count

Definition at line 88 of file trace.h.

vlib_trace_node_t* vlib_trace_main_t::nodes

Definition at line 100 of file trace.h.

vlib_trace_buffer_callback_t* vlib_trace_main_t::trace_buffer_callback

Definition at line 106 of file trace.h.

vlib_trace_header_t** vlib_trace_main_t::trace_buffer_pool

Definition at line 86 of file trace.h.

u32 vlib_trace_main_t::trace_enable

Definition at line 97 of file trace.h.

int vlib_trace_main_t::verbose

Definition at line 103 of file trace.h.

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