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Vector Packet Processing
gpb_endpoint_group_t_ Struct Reference

An Endpoint Group representation. More...

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Data Fields

vnid_t gg_vnid
 ID. More...
u16 gg_sclass
 Sclass. More...
index_t gg_gbd
 Bridge-domain ID the EPG is in. More...
index_t gg_rd
 route-domain/IP-table ID the EPG is in More...
u8 gg_is_ext
 Is the EPG an external/NAT. More...
u32 gg_uplink_sw_if_index
 the uplink interface dedicated to the EPG More...
gbp_itf_hdl_t gg_uplink_itf
dpo_id_t gg_dpo [FIB_PROTOCOL_IP_MAX]
 The DPO used in the L3 path for forwarding internal subnets. More...
u32 gg_locks
 Locks/references to this EPG. More...
gbp_endpoint_retention_t gg_retention
 EP retention policy. More...

Detailed Description

An Endpoint Group representation.

Definition at line 36 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

Field Documentation

dpo_id_t gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_dpo[FIB_PROTOCOL_IP_MAX]

The DPO used in the L3 path for forwarding internal subnets.

Definition at line 72 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

index_t gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_gbd

Bridge-domain ID the EPG is in.

Definition at line 51 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

u8 gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_is_ext

Is the EPG an external/NAT.

Definition at line 61 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

u32 gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_locks

Locks/references to this EPG.

Definition at line 77 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

index_t gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_rd

route-domain/IP-table ID the EPG is in

Definition at line 56 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

gbp_endpoint_retention_t gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_retention

EP retention policy.

Definition at line 82 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

u16 gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_sclass


Could be unset => ~0

Definition at line 46 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

gbp_itf_hdl_t gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_uplink_itf

Definition at line 67 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

u32 gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_uplink_sw_if_index

the uplink interface dedicated to the EPG

Definition at line 66 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

vnid_t gpb_endpoint_group_t_::gg_vnid


Definition at line 41 of file gbp_endpoint_group.h.

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