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Vector Packet Processing
geneve.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  geneve_encap_trace_t
struct  geneve_tunnel_t
struct  geneve_main_t
struct  vnet_geneve_add_del_tunnel_args_t


#define foreach_geneve_input_next
#define geneve_error(n, s)   GENEVE_ERROR_##n,


enum  geneve_input_next_t { GENEVE_INPUT_N_NEXT }
enum  geneve_input_error_t { GENEVE_N_ERROR }


typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct{ip4_header_t ip4;udp_header_t udp;geneve_header_t geneve;}) ip4_geneve_header_t
typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct{ip6_header_t ip6;udp_header_t udp;geneve_header_t geneve;}) ip6_geneve_header_t
typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct{union{struct{u32 remote;u32 vni;};u64 as_u64;};}) geneve4_tunnel_key_t
typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct{ip6_address_t remote;u32 vni;}) geneve6_tunnel_key_t
u8format_geneve_encap_trace (u8 *s, va_list *args)
int vnet_geneve_add_del_tunnel (vnet_geneve_add_del_tunnel_args_t *a, u32 *sw_if_indexp)
void vnet_int_geneve_bypass_mode (u32 sw_if_index, u8 is_ip6, u8 is_enable)


geneve_main_t geneve_main
vlib_node_registration_t geneve4_input_node
 (constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve4_input_node) More...
vlib_node_registration_t geneve6_input_node
 (constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve6_input_node) More...
vlib_node_registration_t geneve4_encap_node
 (constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve4_encap_node) More...
vlib_node_registration_t geneve6_encap_node
 (constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve6_encap_node) More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define foreach_geneve_input_next
_(DROP, "error-drop") \
_(L2_INPUT, "l2-input")
Definition: error.def:41

Definition at line 139 of file geneve.h.

#define geneve_error (   n,
)    GENEVE_ERROR_##n,

Definition at line 153 of file geneve.h.


Definition at line 33 of file geneve.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 151 of file geneve.h.


Definition at line 143 of file geneve.h.

Function Documentation

typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct{ip4_header_t ip4;udp_header_t udp;geneve_header_t geneve;}  )
typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct{ip6_header_t ip6;udp_header_t udp;geneve_header_t geneve;}  )
typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct{union{struct{u32 remote;u32 vni;};u64 as_u64;};}  )
typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct{ip6_address_t remote;u32 vni;}  )
u8* format_geneve_encap_trace ( u8 s,
va_list *  args 

Definition at line 42 of file geneve.c.

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int vnet_geneve_add_del_tunnel ( vnet_geneve_add_del_tunnel_args_t a,
u32 sw_if_indexp 

Definition at line 368 of file geneve.c.

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void vnet_int_geneve_bypass_mode ( u32  sw_if_index,
u8  is_ip6,
u8  is_enable 

Definition at line 940 of file geneve.c.

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Variable Documentation

vlib_node_registration_t geneve4_encap_node

(constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve4_encap_node)

Definition at line 537 of file encap.c.

vlib_node_registration_t geneve4_input_node

(constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve4_input_node)

Definition at line 816 of file decap.c.

vlib_node_registration_t geneve6_encap_node

(constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve6_encap_node)

Definition at line 550 of file encap.c.

vlib_node_registration_t geneve6_input_node

(constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (geneve6_input_node)

Definition at line 834 of file decap.c.

geneve_main_t geneve_main

Definition at line 39 of file geneve.c.