Code coverage with lcov


Ensure required packages are installed:

$ make install-deps

The Linux gcov and lcov tools can be fussy about gcc / g++ compiler versions. As of this writing, Ubuntu 22.04 gcov / lcov works with the latest gcc version (11.3.0).

Generate coverage for a test case

As a first run, in order to generate the coverage report of a specific plugin or test, run for example

$ make test-cov TEST=fib

Then open the file .build-root/test-coverage/html/index.html in a Chrome browser.

Improving test coverage

When doing modifications on the test cases, you can run

# This will run the test & report the result in the coverage data
$ make test-cov-build TEST=fib

# This will generate the html report with the current coverage data
$ make test-cov-post

# To reset the coverage data use
$ make test-cov-prep