VPP Snap Build

The external dependency package will not build in the snapcraft vm. The path of least resistance is to copy it to the root of the (original) workspace before running the prep script.

Snapcraft has mount issues except under /home. Run the prep script and copy the entire directory (including the .tgz file) under /home/yourself.

Run the prep script

$ cd <vpp-workspace>/extras/snap
$ ./prep

Copy data to /home (if necessary)

  $ mkdir /home/xxx
  $ cd <vpp-workspace>/extras/snap
  $ cp * /home/xxx

Set snapcraft environment variables

Minimum requirements:




Run snapcraft

With luck, simply running snapcraft will produce the snap

$ snapcraft [–debug]

Rerunning snapcraft phases

Here's how to (re)run individual phases, to avoid starting from
scratch N times in case of errors:

snapcraft pull [] snapcraft build [] snapcraft stage [] snapcraft prime [] snapcraft snap or snapcraft

Restart without rebuilding VM

To restart from scratch without rebuilding the VM:

snapcraft clean vpp

Delete (all) snapcraft VMs

for vm in $(multipass list | awk ‘{print $1}’ | grep ^snapcraft-); do multipass delete $vm –purge done ```