Wireguard vpp-plugin


This plugin is an implementation of wireguard protocol for VPP. It allows one to create secure VPN tunnels. This implementation is based on wireguard-openbsd.


The crypto protocols:


  • curve25519

  • chachapoly1305

Plugin usage example

Create wireguard interface

> vpp# wireguard create listen-port <port> private-key <priv_key> src <src_ip4> [generate-key]
> *wg_interface*
> vpp# set int state <wg_interface> up
> vpp# set int ip address <wg_interface> <wg_ip4>

Add a peer configuration:

> vpp# wireguard peer add <wg_interface> public-key <pub_key_other> endpoint <ip4_dst> allowed-ip <prefix> port <port_dst> persistent-keepalive [keepalive_interval]
> vpp# *peer_idx*

Add routes for allowed-ip:

> ip route add <prefix> via <wg_ip4> <wg_interface>

Show config

> vpp# show wireguard interface
> vpp# show wireguard peer

Remove peer

> vpp# wireguard peer remove <peer_idx>

Delete interface

> vpp# wireguard delete <wg_interface>

Main next steps for improving this implementation

  1. Use all benefits of VPP-engine.