FD.io VPP  v20.05-21-gb1500e9ff
Vector Packet Processing
Release notes for VPP 20.01

More than 1039 commits since the 19.08 release.


  • API trace tool
    • Add text output (a2ac36c91)
  • Binary API Compiler for Python
    • Raise ValueError when fieldname is python keyword (ff47fb645)
  • Binary API Libraries
    • Add API support for marvell PP2 plugin (859b59133)
    • Add bapi thread handle to api main structure. (8229580e8)
    • Multiple connections per process (39d69112f)
    • Multiple socket connections per single process (59cea1a9d)
  • Build System
    • Add build types helpstring to cmake project (952a7b8b7)
    • Add env variable to pass extra cmake args (297365403)
    • Add yaml file linting to make checkstyle (6b0dd5502)
    • Export vapi generation in vpp-dev (dc20371f8)
    • Fix 3rd party CI systems. (86a9441c2)
    • Pass 'no-pci' to autgenerated config (be7ef3b5c)
  • Crypto ipsecmb Plugin
    • Bump to intel-ipsec-mb version 0.53 (d35fefe8b)
    • Improve gcm performance using dedicated API. (76a36e83e)
  • Infrastructure Library
    • Bihash walk cb typedef and continue/stop controls (f50bac1bb)
    • Create unformat function for data size parsing (579b16506)
    • Implement CLIB_PAUSE () for aarch64 platforms (18512b002)
  • libmemif
    • Introduce 'memif_per_thread_' namespace (17f2a7bbf)
  • Link Bonding
    • Add/del secondary mac address callback (e83aa456b)
    • Add /if/lacp/bond-sw-if-index/slave-sw-if-index/partner-state (aa7257863)
    • Add weight support for active-backup mode (a1876b84e)
    • Fix interface deletion (cc3aac056)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Add address sanitizer heap instrumentation (9fb6d40eb)
    • Add CentOS 8 package support (c025329bb)
    • Add gdb helpers for vlib buffers (2b65f9ca0)
    • Add lcov scripts, README.md (8d74caa0a)
    • Add "maxframe" and "rate" to packet-generator cli. (87d7bac5c)
    • Add "show run summary" (ac78f8a90)
    • Add vnet classify filter set support (f5667c305)
    • Classifier-based packet trace filter (9137e5400)
    • Improve pcap drop trace output (9382ad9b3)
    • Update gitignore for /test/ext/.d (8161d73d7)
  • Physical Memory Allocator
    • Always lock pages (801c7016a)
  • Plugins
    • AVF Device driver
      • Improve timeout handling (1a7bb281f)
      • Print queue id in packet trace (c33eddebe)
    • Buffer Metadata Modification Tracker
      • Buffer metadata change tracker plugin (d7b306657)
    • builtinurl
      • New plugin (43765e2b4)
    • DHCP
      • Ipv6 prefix delegation improvements (d318a996b)
      • Move to plugin (02bfd641b)
    • DPDK
      • Add devargs support (f2bde7ac5)
      • Add function to add/del extra MAC addrs (153727743)
      • Add TSO support in dpdk plugin. (de5ed58fd)
      • Apply dual loop unrolling in DPDK TX (fe2523d1a)
      • Bump DPDK version to 19.08 (b6103105f)
      • Enable bnxt PMD (c3731ac89)
      • Ipsec tunnel support for ip6-in-ip4 (5025d40a1)
      • QAT devices update, add c4xxx and xeon d15xx (4d843b994)
    • Group Based Policy (GBP)
      • Add extended SFC unit tests (a3c8ca10e)
    • Host Stack Applications
      • Add ckpair & crypto engine in vpp_echo (7c40a3837)
      • Add option for multiple ips (f98e59b86)
      • Add periodic timing (ff6cdcca2)
      • Improve for mq-intensive (b2fce36c8)
      • Less verbose logging for many sessions (08f26641f)
      • Make APP_OPTIONS_PREALLOC_FIFO_PAIRS configurable (7028a0157)
    • http_static
      • Add dynamic GET / POST method hooks (5554c56a6)
      • Add "http static cache clear" CLI (e0fd9ed11)
      • Add .json content (71a5da0c8)
    • Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) Protocol
      • Add support for GCM cipher (de2dd6c35)
    • IPv6 Segment Routing Mobile
      • (57584d99d)
    • Load Balancer
      • Add APIs for set interface nat4 and nat6 (33538a150)
    • NAT
      • Handoff traffic matching for dynamic NAT (22bb417e9)
    • Ping
      • Move the echo responder into the ping plugin (f6c8f5090)
    • QUIC protocol
      • Add aggregated quicly stats (deaf97f45)
      • Add cli command for stats (922f0b211)
      • Add conn-timeout config option (2f566c23f)
      • Add more detailed statistics (1802fcc5f)
      • Add support for ckpair & crypto engine (dcbbf2833)
      • Add support for unidirectional streams (c00f480ba)
      • Add Tx, Rx and packet drop counters (ff1f6faaa)
      • Create custom event logger (dd4d8ac29)
      • Implement crypto contexts (d1b9e7068)
      • Make quic fifo size configurable via cli (00078b991)
      • Update quicly to v0.0.5 (72c159e64)
      • Update quicly to v0.0.6-vpp (3afac8f81)
      • Update quicly to v0.0.7-vpp (69885b72a)
      • Update quicly to v0.0.8-vpp (ecb9d18c5)
      • Update quicly to v0.0.9-vpp (84def7cb7)
    • RDMA (ibverb) driver
      • Add rdma API (812afe712)
      • Add support for input feature arcs (74eba446b)
      • Add support for MAC changes (0dcafcc50)
      • API: prepare support for direct verb (d8c1ef925)
    • Time-based MAC filter
      • Add a "top" command to watch device stats (2c41a61d5)
      • Add the "mactime.json" builtin URL (ef3c11ca9)
    • vmxnet3 device driver
      • Per interface gso support (2985e0af6)
  • Python binding for the VPP API
    • Add a per-call _timeout option (e2ccdf031)
    • Add call stats (fd574087e)
    • Add repr to packer types for troubleshooting (14b0b4791)
    • Add wrapper to validate crc manifest (c046d709e)
    • Enhance MACAddress() equality (6af62565e)
    • Introduce read_blocking (0938547ea)
    • Let async calls return context (2f6e0c600)
    • Support default for type alias decaying to basetype (418ebb711)
  • Sphinx Documents
    • Add spellcheck to 'make docs' sphinx docs (340c15c6e)
  • Statistics Segment
    • Add /if/<n>/<n>/state for lacp interface state (0f09a828a)
  • SVM Library
    • Improve fifo segment verbose cli (f8461bfb4)
  • Test Infrastructure
    • Add cli_return_response to vpp_papi_provider (5932ce17e)
    • Add test run time. (0c6293230)
    • Support setting random seed (45a95dd78)
    • Support worker threads (4ecbf105a)
    • Test tls case (419d31f81)
  • Vector Library
    • Add flag to explicitelly mark nodes which can init per-node packet trace (7ca5aaac1)
    • Add max-size configuration parameter for pmalloc (842506f3c)
    • Add 'wait' cli command (bfd7d294d)
    • Enhance the "show cli" debug CLI command (a1f5a956e)
  • VNET
    • Classify
      • Per-interface rx/tx pcap capture filters (d28437cdf)
      • Use vector code even when data is not aligned (830493392)
      • Vpp packet tracer support (87d24db65)
    • Ethernet
      • All dmac checks include secondary addrs (42bde459b)
      • Dmac filter checks secondary mac addrs (d459bf344)
    • FIB
      • Adjacency creation notifications for dlegates (77cfc0171)
      • Decouple source from priority and behaviour (3bab8f9c5)
      • Table Replace (9db6ada77)
    • FLOW
      • Add 'drop' and 'redirect-to-queue' actions support (e8c9f4f1c)
      • Add ethernet flow (4ff8d615c)
      • Add GTP support (bf85a98fb)
    • GRE
      • Multi-point interfaces (5f8f61733)
    • GSO
      • Add protocol header parser (72e7312af)
    • Interface Common
      • Callback to manage extra MAC addresses (e0792fdff)
      • Dump the interface device type (de312c2d5)
    • IPIP
      • Tunnel flags controlling copying data to/from payload/encap (9534696b4)
    • IPSec
      • Add 'detail' option to 'sh ipsec sa' (670027a50)
      • Add insecure option for format of SA (01d61e788)
      • Bind an SA to a worker (f62a8c013)
      • Remove dedicated IPSec tunnels (12989b538)
      • Support 4o6 and 6o4 for tunnel protect (b325983a4)
    • IPv4 LPM
      • Add shallow virtual reassembly functionality (de34c35fc)
      • Add tracing for ipv6 frag headers (0eb75d0e9)
      • Allow addrs from the same prefix on intf (6c92f5bab)
      • Apply dual loop unrolling in ip4_input (86b1871ba)
      • Apply dual loop unrolling in ip4_rewrite (840f64b4b)
    • IPv4 LPM
      • Protocol Independent IP Neighbors (cbe25aab3)
      • Punt rather than drop unkown IPv6 ICMP packets (1afe95272)
      • Reassembly: trace ip headers over worker handoffs (8563cb389)
    • Segment Routing (IPv6 and MPLS)
      • Add "set sr encaps hop-limit" command (eeb5fb3a5)
    • Session Layer
      • Add certificate store (79f89537c)
      • Add crypto context (de6caf481)
      • Add explicit reset api (dfb3b8771)
      • Add mq debug cli (cfdb10918)
      • Add session enable option in config file (1292d19c7)
      • Builtin app rx notifications regardless of state (5c29029ef)
      • Ckpair store & crypto engine as mq params (45ec9f49b)
      • Improve cli (5bb23ecd0)
      • Increasing the Header lengthe size (93e060aee)
      • Limit pacer bucket size (7c8f828ba)
      • More show cli output (91f90d082)
      • Reschedule asap when snd space constrained (dd97a48d9)
      • Support registration of custom crypto engines (79ba25d40)
      • Support for segments larger than 4GB (ef4f3e7fe)
      • Add opaque data to show cli (d9035a409)
      • Infra for transports to send buffers (2a7ea2ee9)
      • Support pacer idle timeouts (11e9e3510)
    • TAP Drivers
      • Add check for vhost-net backend (39807d02c)
      • Multiqueue support (7c6102b1a)
    • TCP
      • Add FEATURE.yaml (93e053ebe)
      • Add no csum offload config option (f4ce6ba22)
      • Add option for always on event logging (a436a4222)
      • Allow cc algos to set pacing rate (d206724e7)
      • Compute snd time for rate sample (7436b4367)
      • Custom checksum calculations for Ipv4/Ipv6 (02833ff32)
      • Enable gso in tcp hoststack (1146ff4bc)
      • Enable TCP timewait port use (b092b77cf)
      • Extend protocol configuration (9094b5c31)
      • Force zero window on full rx fifo (182d21983)
      • Handle sack reneging (558e3e095)
      • Improve lost rxt heuristic (b3dce89a7)
      • Improve pacing after idle send periods (c31dc31f8)
      • Retry lost retransmits (be237bf02)
      • Send rwnd update only if wnd is large enough (017dc4524)
      • Set cc_algo on connection alloc (12f6936cd)
      • Track lost rxt segments in byte tracker (46ec6e018)
      • Track zero rwnd errors (a495a3ea1)
      • Use rate sample rtt in recovery if possible (1dbda64b4)
      • Use sacks for timer based recovery (36ebcfffb)
      • Validate connections in output (78dae0088)
      • Validate the IP address while checking TCP connection (cf4c2102d)
    • TLS and TLS engine plugins
      • Add C API for TLS openssl to set engine (be4d1aa2c)
      • Improve connection formating (0d74dd1f8)
      • Picotls engine basic enabling for TLS (f83194c2f)
  • VPP Comms Library
    • Add api to set lcl ip (ef7cbf6ad)
    • Add config option for preferred tls engine (d747c3c36)
    • Allow non-blocking connects (57c88938f)
  • VPP Object Model
    • Get interface type from vpp device type (3f4be92ce)

Known issues

For the full list of issues please refer to fd.io JIRA.

Issues fixed

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API changes

Description of results:

  • Definition changed: indicates that the API file was modified between releases.
  • Only in image: indicates the API is new for this release.
  • Only in file: indicates the API has been removed in this release.
Message Name Result
abf_itf_attach_add_del definition changed
abf_itf_attach_details definition changed
abf_policy_add_del definition changed
abf_policy_details definition changed
af_packet_create definition changed
af_packet_create_reply definition changed
af_packet_delete definition changed
af_packet_details definition changed
af_packet_set_l4_cksum_offload definition changed
api_versions_reply definition changed
app_add_cert_key_pair only in image
app_add_cert_key_pair_reply only in image
app_attach only in image
app_attach_reply only in image
app_del_cert_key_pair only in image
app_del_cert_key_pair_reply only in image
avf_create_reply definition changed
avf_delete definition changed
bd_ip_mac_add_del definition changed
bd_ip_mac_details definition changed
bfd_udp_add definition changed
bfd_udp_auth_activate definition changed
bfd_udp_auth_deactivate definition changed
bfd_udp_del definition changed
bfd_udp_get_echo_source_reply definition changed
bfd_udp_mod definition changed
bfd_udp_session_details definition changed
bfd_udp_session_set_flags definition changed
bfd_udp_set_echo_source definition changed
bier_disp_entry_add_del definition changed
bier_disp_entry_details definition changed
bier_disp_table_add_del definition changed
bier_route_add_del definition changed
bier_table_add_del definition changed
bond_create definition changed
bond_create_reply definition changed
bond_delete definition changed
bond_detach_slave definition changed
bond_enslave definition changed
builtinurl_enable only in image
builtinurl_enable_reply only in image
bvi_create definition changed
cdp_enable_disable definition changed
classify_add_del_session definition changed
classify_add_del_table definition changed
classify_set_interface_ip_table definition changed
classify_set_interface_l2_tables definition changed
classify_table_by_interface definition changed
classify_table_by_interface_reply definition changed
cli_inband definition changed
cli_inband_reply definition changed
collect_detailed_interface_stats definition changed
connect_sock definition changed
cop_interface_enable_disable definition changed
cop_whitelist_enable_disable definition changed
create_loopback definition changed
create_loopback_instance definition changed
create_loopback_instance_reply definition changed
create_loopback_reply definition changed
create_subif definition changed
create_subif_reply definition changed
create_vhost_user_if definition changed
create_vhost_user_if_reply definition changed
create_vlan_subif definition changed
create_vlan_subif_reply definition changed
ct6_enable_disable definition changed
delete_loopback definition changed
delete_subif definition changed
delete_vhost_user_if definition changed
dhcp6_client_enable_disable definition changed
dhcp6_clients_enable_disable definition changed
dhcp6_pd_client_enable_disable definition changed
dhcp6_pd_reply_event definition changed
dhcp6_pd_send_client_message definition changed
dhcp6_reply_event definition changed
dhcp6_send_client_message definition changed
dhcp_client_config definition changed
dhcp_client_details definition changed
dhcp_compl_event definition changed
dhcp_plugin_control_ping only in image
dhcp_plugin_control_ping_reply only in image
dhcp_plugin_get_version only in image
dhcp_plugin_get_version_reply only in image
dhcp_proxy_config definition changed
dhcp_proxy_details definition changed
dhcp_proxy_dump definition changed
dhcp_proxy_set_vss definition changed
dslite_add_del_pool_addr_range definition changed
dslite_address_details definition changed
dslite_get_aftr_addr_reply definition changed
dslite_get_b4_addr_reply definition changed
dslite_set_aftr_addr definition changed
dslite_set_b4_addr definition changed
feature_enable_disable definition changed
feature_gso_enable_disable only in image
feature_gso_enable_disable_reply only in image
flow_classify_details definition changed
flow_classify_dump definition changed
flow_classify_set_interface definition changed
flowprobe_params definition changed
flowprobe_tx_interface_add_del definition changed
gbp_bridge_domain_add definition changed
gbp_bridge_domain_details definition changed
gbp_contract_add_del definition changed
gbp_contract_details definition changed
gbp_endpoint_add definition changed
gbp_endpoint_details definition changed
gbp_endpoint_group_add definition changed
gbp_endpoint_group_details definition changed
gbp_ext_itf_add_del definition changed
gbp_ext_itf_details definition changed
gbp_recirc_add_del definition changed
gbp_recirc_details definition changed
gbp_route_domain_add definition changed
gbp_route_domain_details definition changed
gbp_subnet_add_del definition changed
gbp_subnet_details definition changed
gbp_vxlan_tunnel_add definition changed
gbp_vxlan_tunnel_add_reply definition changed
gbp_vxlan_tunnel_details definition changed
geneve_add_del_tunnel definition changed
geneve_add_del_tunnel_reply definition changed
geneve_tunnel_details definition changed
geneve_tunnel_dump definition changed
get_first_msg_id definition changed
gre_tunnel_add_del definition changed
gre_tunnel_add_del_reply definition changed
gre_tunnel_details definition changed
gre_tunnel_dump definition changed
gtpu_add_del_tunnel definition changed
gtpu_add_del_tunnel_reply definition changed
gtpu_tunnel_details definition changed
gtpu_tunnel_dump definition changed
http_static_enable definition changed
hw_interface_set_mtu definition changed
igmp_clear_interface definition changed
igmp_details definition changed
igmp_dump definition changed
igmp_enable_disable definition changed
igmp_event definition changed
igmp_group_prefix_details definition changed
igmp_group_prefix_set definition changed
igmp_listen definition changed
igmp_proxy_device_add_del definition changed
igmp_proxy_device_add_del_interface definition changed
ikev2_initiate_sa_init definition changed
ikev2_profile_add_del definition changed
ikev2_profile_set_auth definition changed
ikev2_profile_set_id definition changed
ikev2_profile_set_ts definition changed
ikev2_set_esp_transforms definition changed
ikev2_set_ike_transforms definition changed
ikev2_set_responder definition changed
ikev2_set_sa_lifetime definition changed
input_acl_set_interface definition changed
interface_name_renumber definition changed
ioam_cache_ip6_enable_disable definition changed
ioam_enable definition changed
ioam_export_ip6_enable_disable definition changed
ip4_arp_event only in file
ip6_add_del_address_using_prefix definition changed
ip6_nd_address_autoconfig definition changed
ip6_nd_event only in file
ip6_ra_event definition changed
ip6nd_proxy_add_del definition changed
ip6nd_proxy_details definition changed
ip6nd_send_router_solicitation definition changed
ip_address_details definition changed
ip_address_dump definition changed
ip_container_proxy_add_del definition changed
ip_container_proxy_details definition changed
ip_details definition changed
ip_dump definition changed
ip_mroute_add_del definition changed
ip_mroute_details definition changed
ip_mroute_dump definition changed
ip_mtable_details definition changed
ip_neighbor_add_del definition changed
ip_neighbor_config only in image
ip_neighbor_config_reply only in image
ip_neighbor_details definition changed
ip_neighbor_dump definition changed
ip_neighbor_event only in image
ip_probe_neighbor only in file
ip_probe_neighbor_reply only in file
ip_punt_police definition changed
ip_punt_redirect definition changed
ip_punt_redirect_details definition changed
ip_punt_redirect_dump definition changed
ip_reassembly_enable_disable definition changed
ip_reassembly_get definition changed
ip_reassembly_get_reply definition changed
ip_reassembly_set definition changed
ip_route_add_del definition changed
ip_route_details definition changed
ip_route_dump definition changed
ip_scan_neighbor_enable_disable only in file
ip_scan_neighbor_enable_disable_reply only in file
ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del definition changed
ip_source_and_port_range_check_interface_add_del definition changed
ip_source_check_interface_add_del definition changed
ip_table_add_del definition changed
ip_table_details definition changed
ip_table_flush only in image
ip_table_flush_reply only in image
ip_table_replace_begin only in image
ip_table_replace_begin_reply only in image
ip_table_replace_end only in image
ip_table_replace_end_reply only in image
ip_unnumbered_details definition changed
ip_unnumbered_dump definition changed
ipfix_classify_table_add_del definition changed
ipfix_classify_table_details definition changed
ipfix_exporter_details definition changed
ipip_6rd_add_tunnel definition changed
ipip_6rd_add_tunnel_reply definition changed
ipip_6rd_del_tunnel definition changed
ipip_add_tunnel definition changed
ipip_add_tunnel_reply definition changed
ipip_del_tunnel definition changed
ipip_tunnel_details definition changed
ipip_tunnel_dump definition changed
ipsec_spd_details definition changed
ipsec_spd_entry_add_del definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_protect_del definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_protect_details definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_protect_dump definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_protect_update definition changed
l2_arp_term_event only in image
l2_emulation definition changed
l2tpv3_create_tunnel definition changed
l2tpv3_create_tunnel_reply definition changed
l2tpv3_interface_enable_disable definition changed
l2tpv3_set_lookup_key definition changed
l2tpv3_set_tunnel_cookies definition changed
l3xc_del definition changed
l3xc_details definition changed
l3xc_dump definition changed
l3xc_update definition changed
lb_add_del_as definition changed
lb_add_del_intf_nat4 only in image
lb_add_del_intf_nat4_reply only in image
lb_add_del_intf_nat6 only in image
lb_add_del_intf_nat6_reply only in image
lb_add_del_vip definition changed
lb_as_details definition changed
lb_as_dump definition changed
lb_conf definition changed
lb_flush_vip definition changed
lb_vip_details definition changed
lb_vip_dump definition changed
log_details definition changed
log_dump definition changed
mactime_add_del_range definition changed
mactime_details only in image
mactime_dump only in image
mactime_dump_reply only in image
mactime_enable_disable definition changed
map_add_del_rule definition changed
map_add_domain definition changed
map_domain_details definition changed
map_if_enable_disable definition changed
map_param_add_del_pre_resolve definition changed
map_param_get_reply definition changed
map_param_set_icmp definition changed
map_param_set_reassembly only in file
map_param_set_reassembly_reply only in file
map_param_set_traffic_class definition changed
map_rule_details definition changed
mdata_enable_disable only in image
mdata_enable_disable_reply only in image
memclnt_create definition changed
memclnt_delete definition changed
memif_create definition changed
memif_create_reply definition changed
memif_delete definition changed
memif_details definition changed
memif_socket_filename_add_del definition changed
memif_socket_filename_details definition changed
mfib_signal_details definition changed
modify_vhost_user_if definition changed
mpls_ip_bind_unbind definition changed
mpls_route_add_del definition changed
mpls_route_details definition changed
mpls_route_dump definition changed
mpls_table_add_del definition changed
mpls_table_details definition changed
mpls_tunnel_add_del definition changed
mpls_tunnel_add_del_reply definition changed
mpls_tunnel_details definition changed
mpls_tunnel_dump definition changed
nat44_add_del_address_range definition changed
nat44_add_del_identity_mapping definition changed
nat44_add_del_interface_addr definition changed
nat44_add_del_lb_static_mapping definition changed
nat44_add_del_static_mapping definition changed
nat44_address_details definition changed
nat44_del_session definition changed
nat44_identity_mapping_details definition changed
nat44_interface_add_del_feature definition changed
nat44_interface_add_del_output_feature definition changed
nat44_interface_addr_details definition changed
nat44_interface_details definition changed
nat44_interface_output_feature_details definition changed
nat44_lb_static_mapping_add_del_local definition changed
nat44_lb_static_mapping_details definition changed
nat44_static_mapping_details definition changed
nat44_user_details definition changed
nat44_user_session_details definition changed
nat44_user_session_dump definition changed
nat64_add_del_interface_addr definition changed
nat64_add_del_interface definition changed
nat64_add_del_pool_addr_range definition changed
nat64_add_del_prefix definition changed
nat64_add_del_static_bib definition changed
nat64_bib_details definition changed
nat64_interface_details definition changed
nat64_pool_addr_details definition changed
nat64_prefix_details definition changed
nat64_st_details definition changed
nat66_add_del_interface definition changed
nat66_add_del_static_mapping definition changed
nat66_interface_details definition changed
nat66_static_mapping_details definition changed
nat_det_add_del_map definition changed
nat_det_close_session_in definition changed
nat_det_close_session_out definition changed
nat_det_forward definition changed
nat_det_forward_reply definition changed
nat_det_map_details definition changed
nat_det_reverse definition changed
nat_det_reverse_reply definition changed
nat_det_session_details definition changed
nat_det_session_dump definition changed
nat_get_reass only in file
nat_get_reass_reply only in file
nat_ha_get_failover_reply definition changed
nat_ha_get_listener_reply definition changed
nat_ha_set_failover definition changed
nat_ha_set_listener definition changed
nat_reass_details only in file
nat_reass_dump only in file
nat_set_reass only in file
nat_set_reass_reply only in file
nat_worker_details definition changed
nhrp_details only in image
nhrp_dump only in image
nhrp_entry_add_del only in image
nhrp_entry_add_del_reply only in image
nsh_add_del_entry definition changed
nsh_add_del_map definition changed
nsh_map_details definition changed
nsim_cross_connect_enable_disable definition changed
nsim_output_feature_enable_disable definition changed
output_acl_set_interface definition changed
p2p_ethernet_add definition changed
p2p_ethernet_add_reply definition changed
p2p_ethernet_del definition changed
pipe_create definition changed
pipe_create_reply definition changed
pipe_delete definition changed
pipe_details definition changed
policer_classify_details definition changed
policer_classify_dump definition changed
policer_classify_set_interface definition changed
pot_profile_activate definition changed
pot_profile_add definition changed
pot_profile_del definition changed
pppoe_add_del_session definition changed
pppoe_add_del_session_reply definition changed
pppoe_session_details definition changed
pppoe_session_dump definition changed
proxy_arp_add_del definition changed
proxy_arp_details definition changed
proxy_arp_intfc_enable_disable definition changed
punt_reason_details definition changed
punt_reason_dump definition changed
punt_socket_details definition changed
punt_socket_register definition changed
punt_socket_register_reply definition changed
qos_mark_dump definition changed
qos_mark_enable_disable definition changed
qos_record_details definition changed
qos_record_enable_disable definition changed
qos_store_details definition changed
qos_store_enable_disable definition changed
rdma_create only in image
rdma_create_reply only in image
rdma_delete only in image
rdma_delete_reply only in image
reset_fib only in file
reset_fib_reply only in file
set_arp_neighbor_limit only in file
set_arp_neighbor_limit_reply only in file
set_ip_flow_hash definition changed
set_ipfix_exporter definition changed
set_punt definition changed
show_version_reply definition changed
show_vpe_system_time_reply definition changed
sockclnt_create definition changed
sockclnt_create_reply definition changed
sr_set_encap_hop_limit only in image
sr_set_encap_hop_limit_reply only in image
stn_add_del_rule definition changed
stn_rules_details definition changed
svs_details definition changed
svs_enable_disable definition changed
svs_route_add_del definition changed
svs_table_add_del definition changed
sw_if_l2tpv3_tunnel_details definition changed
sw_interface_add_del_address definition changed
sw_interface_add_del_mac_address only in image
sw_interface_add_del_mac_address_reply only in image
sw_interface_bond_details definition changed
sw_interface_clear_stats definition changed
sw_interface_details definition changed
sw_interface_dump definition changed
sw_interface_event definition changed
sw_interface_get_mac_address definition changed
sw_interface_get_mac_address_reply definition changed
sw_interface_get_table definition changed
sw_interface_ip6_enable_disable definition changed
sw_interface_ip6_set_link_local_address definition changed
sw_interface_ip6nd_ra_config definition changed
sw_interface_ip6nd_ra_prefix definition changed
sw_interface_lacp_details definition changed
sw_interface_rx_placement_details definition changed
sw_interface_rx_placement_dump definition changed
sw_interface_set_bond_weight only in image
sw_interface_set_bond_weight_reply only in image
sw_interface_set_flags definition changed
sw_interface_set_geneve_bypass definition changed
sw_interface_set_gtpu_bypass definition changed
sw_interface_set_ip_directed_broadcast definition changed
sw_interface_set_mac_address definition changed
sw_interface_set_mpls_enable definition changed
sw_interface_set_mtu definition changed
sw_interface_set_rx_mode definition changed
sw_interface_set_rx_placement definition changed
sw_interface_set_table definition changed
sw_interface_set_unnumbered definition changed
sw_interface_set_vxlan_gbp_bypass definition changed
sw_interface_slave_details definition changed
sw_interface_slave_dump definition changed
sw_interface_tag_add_del definition changed
sw_interface_tap_v2_details definition changed
sw_interface_tap_v2_dump definition changed
sw_interface_vhost_user_details definition changed
sw_interface_vhost_user_dump definition changed
sw_interface_virtio_pci_details definition changed
syslog_get_sender_reply definition changed
syslog_set_sender definition changed
tap_create_v2 definition changed
tap_create_v2_reply definition changed
tap_delete_v2 definition changed
tcp_configure_src_addresses definition changed
tls_openssl_set_engine only in image
tls_openssl_set_engine_reply only in image
trace_plugin_msg_ids definition changed
udp_encap_add definition changed
udp_encap_details definition changed
udp_ping_add_del definition changed
udp_ping_export definition changed
virtio_pci_create definition changed
virtio_pci_create_reply definition changed
virtio_pci_delete definition changed
vmxnet3_create definition changed
vmxnet3_create_reply definition changed
vmxnet3_delete definition changed
vmxnet3_details definition changed
vxlan_gbp_tunnel_add_del definition changed
vxlan_gbp_tunnel_add_del_reply definition changed
vxlan_gbp_tunnel_details definition changed
vxlan_gbp_tunnel_dump definition changed
vxlan_gpe_ioam_enable definition changed
vxlan_gpe_ioam_export_enable_disable definition changed
vxlan_gpe_ioam_transit_disable definition changed
vxlan_gpe_ioam_transit_enable definition changed
vxlan_gpe_ioam_vni_disable definition changed
vxlan_gpe_ioam_vni_enable definition changed
want_bfd_events definition changed
want_dhcp6_pd_reply_events definition changed
want_ip4_arp_events only in file
want_ip4_arp_events_reply only in file
want_ip6_nd_events only in file
want_ip6_nd_events_reply only in file
want_ip6_ra_events definition changed
want_ip_neighbor_events only in image
want_ip_neighbor_events_reply only in image
want_l2_arp_term_events only in image
want_l2_arp_term_events_reply only in image
want_l2_macs_events definition changed

Found 493 api message signature differences

Patches that changed API definitions

8e388390d vlib: use explicit types in api
daa4bff16 api: memclnt api use string type.
7adaa226e api: revert use string type for strings in memclnt.api
2959d42fe api: use string type for strings in memclnt.api
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
33a58171e api: autogenerate api trace print/endian
78d91cf9a sample-plugin: refactor .api to use explicit types
418ebb711 papi: support default for type alias decaying to basetype
9485d99bd interface: Allow VLAN tag-rewrite on non-sub-interfaces too.
c12eae73f interface: shmemioerror while getting name_filter arg
de312c2d5 interface: dump the interface device type
e0792fdff interface: callback to manage extra MAC addresses
75761b933 api: split vl_api_prefix into two
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
053204ab0 api: Cleanup APIs interface.api
0ad4a439d Fix vpp crash bug while deleting dhcp client
9a29f795a vpp_papi_provider.py: update defautmapping.
b8591ac91 API sw_interface_dump: Dump all if index is zero
4a7240636 Make sw_interface_dump more compatible with 2.2.0
6407ba56a api: Add to interface crud - read by sw_if_index.
053204ab0 api: Cleanup APIs interface.api
c4c4cf506 session: move add/del segment msg to mq
79f89537c session: Add certificate store
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
458089bba session: move ctrl messages from bapi to mq
8ac1d6d05 session: Use parent_handle instead of transport_opts
ba65ca496 Add transport_opts to connect_sock bapi
692bfc85f classify: API cleanup
3ae526271 l2: l2tp API cleanup
5f8f61733 gre: Multi-point interfaces
814f15948 gre: update gre.api with explicit types
d0aed2eb3 GRE: set gre_tunnel_type init value to zero in API
5a8844bdb GRE: API update
1dbcf30b7 fib: Support the POP of a Psuedo Wire Control Word
097fa66b9 fib: fib api updates
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
bf6c5c158 feature: API cleanup
5f8f61733 gre: Multi-point interfaces
4b76c58be qos: api clenup
83832e7ce qos: Store function
5281a9029 qos: QoS dump APIs
dbf68c9aa ipsec: Changes to make ipsec encoder/decoders reusable by the plugins
12989b538 ipsec: remove dedicated IPSec tunnels
c87b66c86 ipsec: ipsec-tun protect
f2922422d ipsec: remove the set_key API
80f6fd53f IPSEC: Pass the algorithm salt (used in GCM) over the API
dbf68c9aa ipsec: Changes to make ipsec encoder/decoders reusable by the plugins
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
2c504f89c devices: virtio API cleanup
3d1ef873d bonding: API cleanup
a1876b84e bonding: add weight support for active-backup mode
751e3f382 bonding: add support for numa-only in lacp mode
956819afa tcp: api clenup
aa4438a31 cop: API cleanup
cbe25aab3 ip: Protocol Independent IP Neighbors
8edca1361 p2p ethernet: update p2p_ethernet.api with explicit types.
33a58171e api: autogenerate api trace print/endian
fb27096ee vxlan-gbp: api cleanup
cbe25aab3 ip: Protocol Independent IP Neighbors
9534696b4 ipip: Tunnel flags controlling copying data to/from payload/encap
288e09362 ipip: refactor ipip.api with explicit types
cbd0824d6 IPIP tunnel: use address types on API
9534696b4 ipip: Tunnel flags controlling copying data to/from payload/encap
4682feb1f bfd: API cleanup
cbe25aab3 ip: Protocol Independent IP Neighbors
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
bc764c8bc l2: BD ARP termination entry API update
54bc5e40c Update API description
5e6f7348c l2: Add support for arp unicast forwarding
cbe25aab3 ip: Protocol Independent IP Neighbors
cbe25aab3 ip: Protocol Independent IP Neighbors
10dc2eabd udp: fix copyright typo
3eb8f207b mpls: api cleanup
75761b933 api: split vl_api_prefix into two
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
097fa66b9 fib: fib api updates
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
097fa66b9 fib: fib api updates
75761b933 api: split vl_api_prefix into two
33a58171e api: autogenerate api trace print/endian
515eed425 api: add prefix matcher typedef
038e1dfbd dhcp ip: DSCP settings for transmitted DHCP packets
53c501512 api: add DSCP definitions to ip_types.api
ab05508e1 api: refactor format_vl_api_prefix_t return keys
b538dd868 Punt: specify packets by IP protocol Type
50f0ac0f0 Punt: socket register for exception dispatched/punted packets based on reason
f158944cc ip: trivial typos in docs
f72ad93d6 ip: punt API cleanup
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
719beb709 ip ipsec: Remove IPSec SPI-0 punt reason
b538dd868 Punt: specify packets by IP protocol Type
50f0ac0f0 Punt: socket register for exception dispatched/punted packets based on reason
58989a37d ip: API cleanup
cbe25aab3 ip: Protocol Independent IP Neighbors
668605fc8 ip: use explicit types in api
9db6ada77 fib: Table Replace
de34c35fc ip: add shallow virtual reassembly functionality
75761b933 api: split vl_api_prefix into two
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
097fa66b9 fib: fib api updates
3a343d42d reassembly: prevent long chain attack
22e9cfd76 pg: add GSO support
f1f5a8a1a bier: API cleanup
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
097fa66b9 fib: fib api updates
e6eefb6e3 Trivial Typo's in bier comments/docs.
2f71a8889 ip: ipfix-export API update
21b83e96d api: implement ipfix_flush
29467b534 gso: Add gso feature arc
97c998c28 docs: devices– add FEATURES.yaml
3b2db9002 devices: af_packet API cleanup
5d4c99f27 devices: vhost API cleanup
4208a4ce8 devices interface tests: vhosst GSO support
5d4c99f27 devices: vhost API cleanup
6d4af8918 virtio: split gso and checksum offload functionality
2c504f89c devices: virtio API cleanup
97c998c28 docs: devices– add FEATURES.yaml
bbd6b746e virtio: Add gso support for native virtio driver
43b512cac virtio: remove configurable queue size support
97c998c28 docs: devices– add FEATURES.yaml
df40cb5b5 devices: pipe API cleanup
ba0061feb tap: split gso and checksum offload functionality
5de4fb707 devices: tap API cleanup
44d06916b tap: Move client registration check to top
97c998c28 docs: devices– add FEATURES.yaml
97d54ed43 tap: add support to configure tap interface host MTU size
eeb5fb3a5 sr: add "set sr encaps hop-limit" command
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
2d3282e17 geneve: API cleanup
4a65b910a marvell: use explicit types in api
859b59133 api: Add API support for marvell PP2 plugin
5e913f374 svs: use explicit types in api
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
bb2e5221a api acl: breakout acl_types.api for reuse by others
b5076cbe1 acl: add missing square brackets to vat_help option in acl api
709dad304 acl: remove api boilerplate
bb2e5221a api acl: breakout acl_types.api for reuse by others
f995c7122 acl: implement counters
3ae9f5a90 memif: remove api boilerplate
546f955b3 memif: API cleanup
07e557a73 cdp: use explicit types in api
02bfd641b dhcp: Move to plugin
d5262831a dhcp: dhcp6_pd_client_cp API cleanup
02bfd641b dhcp: Move to plugin
6bcc6a455 dhcp: fix crash on unicast renewal send
02bfd641b dhcp: Move to plugin
a0bf06d74 avf: explicit types in api
74af6f081 avf: remote api boilerplate
6d75c20a6 dpdk: use explicit types in api
025166dc7 dpdk: remove api boilerplate
43765e2b4 builtinurl: initial working attempt
7b22df06f mactime: update api to use explicit types
2c41a61d5 mactime: add a "top" command to watch device stats
7071952df mactime: remove api boilerplate
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
7681b1c46 mactime: add per-mac allow-with-quota feature
0c6ac791d mactime: upstream new features
6aaee8c7c ikev2: use explicit api types
fc7b77db7 ikev2: remove api boilerplate
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
68b24e2c9 plugins: http_static. Migrate to use api string type.
22bc2c46e Static http server
38277e407 gbp: use explicit types in api
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
3918bdbcb gbp: update gbp-ext-itf API
3c0d84c98 gbp: add anonymous l3-out subnets
cfc7a107e gbp: add anonymous l3-out external interfaces
160c923f9 gbp: VRF scoped contracts
b2e463a10 l2e: use explicit api types
55636cb62 gtpu: use explicit types in api
49228efce gtpu: remove api boilerplate
4a7fc4cf1 igmp: use explicit types in api
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
4ff09ae34 API: Python and Unix domain socket improvement
0fa66d618 ioam: use explicit api types
0fa66d618 ioam: use explicit api types
0fa66d618 ioam: use explicit api types
0fa66d618 ioam: use explicit api types
0fa66d618 ioam: use explicit api types
0fa66d618 ioam: use explicit api types
7929f9f5c stn: use explicit types in api
be31c2a25 map: use explicit types in api
7b2e9fb1a map: use ip6-full-reassembly instead of own code
640edcd90 map: use SVR for MAP-T
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
ff47fb645 vppapigen map: raise ValueError when fieldname is python keyword
4d376f67a map: Use vl_api_string macros.
7ff64fb97 oddbuf: remove api boilerplate
a287a30dd misc: fix coverity warning in the oddbuf plugin
c4abafd83 ip: fix udp/tcp checksum corner cases
60f5108a9 l3xc: use explicit types in api
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
59fa121f8 L3 cross connect
04338e85a pppoe: use explicit types in api
25fe57821 pppoe: remove api boilerplate
d7b306657 mdata: buffer metadata change tracker plugin
ae0724034 lb: remove api boilerplate
33538a150 lb: add APIs for set interface nat4 and nat6
75761b933 api: split vl_api_prefix into two
3efcd0d7c lb: vip and as dump/detail api's
a0cb32cb9 lb: update api.c to use scaffolding from latest skel
75761b933 api: split vl_api_prefix into two
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
3efcd0d7c lb: vip and as dump/detail api's
e06e7c672 nsim: use explicit api types
2e7a43ca4 nsim: remove api boilerplate
7c91007e1 Make the loss / delay sim available as an output feature
277f03f06 vmxnet3: use explicit types in api
10bbfce02 vmxnet3: remove api boilerplate
2985e0af6 vmxnet3: per interface gso support
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
1e582206a tls: remove api boilerplate
dd0cc9ec3 tls: some rework based on TLS openssl C API
be4d1aa2c tls: Add C API for TLS openssl to set engine
bdde58534 abf: use explicit types in api
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
097fa66b9 fib: fib api updates
f126e746f nat: use SVR
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
e6e09a4ac nat: elog rewrite for multi-worker support
c1f93067e Add default value for API Nat flags
dd1e3e780 NAT: VPP-1531 api cleanup & update
89fec713f Revert "NAT: VPP-1531 api cleanup & update"
bed1421b9 NAT: VPP-1531 api cleanup & update
d8c1ef925 rdma: api: prepare support for direct verb
b644eb54f rdma: add explicit types in api
812afe712 rdma: add rdma API
3ffe6cadf sctp: move to plugins, disabled by default
d4efce2e0 ct6: use explicit type in api
ee98904e0 ct6: remove api boilerplate
d3f0a4869 nsh: use explicit api types
3013e6988 flowprobe: use explicit types in api
2a1ca787b api: split api generated files
ebef4a9e5 lacp: use explit api types
b922f16ba dns: remove api boilerplate
34af0ccf5 dns: make the dns name resolver a plugin
e5ff5a36d api: enforce vla is last and fixed string type
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
a47a5f20a api papi: add alias for timestamp(datetime)/timedelta
888640a39 map gbp papi: match endianess of f64
03f1af23b api: Implement log_dump/log_details
c87b66c86 ipsec: ipsec-tun protect
9ac113815 API: Add support for limits to language.
e71748291 vppapigen: remove support for legacy typedefs
a47a5f20a api papi: add alias for timestamp(datetime)/timedelta
3cf9e67f5 api: add vl_api_version_t type