FD.io VPP  v20.05-21-gb1500e9ff
Vector Packet Processing
Release notes for VPP 19.08

More than 850 commits since the 19.04 release.



  • API
    • API language: new types and limits support
    • Python API - add support for defaults
    • Export ip_types.api for out-of-tree plugins use
    • Refactor ipip.api with explicit types
  • DPDK
    • 19.05 integration
    • Remove bonding code
    • Rework extended stats
  • Debugging & Servicability
    • debug CLI leak-checker
    • vlib: add "memory-trace stats-segment"
    • vppapitrace JSON/API trace converter
    • ARP: add arp-disabled node
    • igmp: Trace more data from input packets
    • ip: Trace the packet from the punt node
    • Python API debug introspection improvements
    • Pin dependencies for make test infra
    • FEATURE.yaml meta-data infrastructure
    • tcp: add cc stats plotting tools
    • Packet tracer support for thread handoffs
  • libmemif: support for multi-thread connection establishment
  • svm
    • fifo ooo reads/writes with multiple chunks
    • support addition/removal of chunks to fifos
  • vppinfra
    • Mapped pcap file support
    • More AVX2 and AVX512 inlines
    • VLIB_INIT_FUNCTION sequencing rework
    • refactor spinlocks and rwlocks
    • add rbtree
    • add doubly linked list
  • rdma: bump rdma-core to v25.0
  • stats
    • Add the number of worker threads and per worker thread vector rates
    • Support multiple workers for error counters

VNET & Plugins

  • New Plugins
    • HTTP static page server with TLS support
    • L3 cross connect
  • acl: implement stat-segment counters
  • arp: add feature arcs: arp-reply, arp-input, arp-proxy
  • avf: improved logging and added 2.5/5 Gbps speeds
  • bonding: NUMA-related improvements
  • crypto: add support for AES-CTR cipher
  • fib
    • FIB Entry tracking
    • Support the POP of a Pseudo Wire Control Word
  • gbp
    • Anonymous l3-out subnets support
    • ARP unicast forward in gbp bridge domain
    • An Endpoint can change sclass
    • Consider data-plane learnt source better than control-plane
    • VRF scoped contracts
  • gso (experimental)
    • Add support to pg interfaces
    • Add support to vhost user
    • Add support to native virtio
    • Add support for tagged interfaces
  • punt: allow to specify packets by IP protocol Type
  • ip6-local: hop-by-hop protocol demux table
  • ipsec
    • intel-ipsec-mb version 0.52
    • AH encrypt rework
    • handle UDP keepalives
    • support GCM in ESP
  • virtio
    • Refactor control queue support
  • dhcp-client: DSCP marking for transmitted packets
  • Idle resource usage improvements
    • Allocate bihash virtual space on demand
    • gre: don't register gre input nodes unless a gre tunnel is created
    • gtpu: don't register udp ports unless a tunnel is created
    • lacp: create lacp-process on demand
    • lisp-cp: start lisp retry service on demand
    • start the cdp period and dns resolver process on demand
    • vat: unload unused vat plugins
  • nat: api cleanup & update
  • nsim: make available as an output feature
  • load-balance performance improvements
  • l2: Add support for arp unicast forwarding
  • mactime
    • Mini-ACLs
    • Per-MAC allow-with-quota feature
  • qos
    • QoS dump APIs
    • Store function
  • rdma: add support for promiscuous mode (l2-switching and xconnect)
  • sr: update the Segment Routing definition to be compliant with current in IETF
  • udp-ping: disable due to conflict with mldv2
  • vxlan-gpe: improve encap performance
  • vom
    • QoS support
    • Bridge domain arp unicast forwarding flag
    • Bridge domain unknown unicast flooding flag

Host stack

  • session
    • API to support manual svm fifo resizing
    • Improved session output scheduler and close state machine
    • Transport and session cleanup notifications for builtin apps
    • Session migration notifications for builtin apps
    • Support for no session layer lookup transports (quic and tls)
    • Ability to retrieve local/remote endpoint in transport vft
    • Cleanup segment manager and fifo segment
    • Fix vpp to app msg generation on enqueue fail
    • Improve event logging
    • Moved test applications to hsa plugin
  • tcp
    • Congestion control algorithm enhancements
    • Delivery rate estimator
    • ACK/retransmission refactor and pacing
    • Add tcp-input sibling nodes without full 6-tuple lookup
    • More RFC4898 connection statistics
    • Allow custom output next node
    • Allow custom congestion control algorithms
  • quic
    • Multi-thread support
    • Logs readability improvements
    • Multistream support
  • tls
    • Fix close with data and listen failures
    • Handle TCP transport rests
    • Support endpoint retrieval interface
  • vcl
    • support quic streams and "connectable listeners"
    • worker unregister api
    • fix epoll with large events batch
    • ldp: add option to eanble transparent TLS connections
  • udp:
    • support close with data
    • fixed session migration
  • sctp
    • add option to enable/disable default to disable
    • moved from vnet to plugins

Known issues

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Issues fixed

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API changes

Description of results:

  • Definition changed: indicates that the API file was modified between releases.
  • Only in image: indicates the API is new for this release.
  • Only in file: indicates the API has been removed in this release.
Message Name Result
abf_itf_attach_add_del definition changed
abf_itf_attach_details definition changed
abf_policy_add_del definition changed
abf_policy_details definition changed
acl_add_replace definition changed
acl_details definition changed
acl_stats_intf_counters_enable only in image
acl_stats_intf_counters_enable_reply only in image
api_versions_reply definition changed
bd_ip_mac_add_del definition changed
bd_ip_mac_details definition changed
bier_disp_entry_add_del definition changed
bier_disp_entry_details definition changed
bier_imp_add definition changed
bier_imp_details definition changed
bier_route_add_del definition changed
bier_route_details definition changed
bier_route_dump definition changed
bier_table_add_del definition changed
bier_table_details definition changed
bond_create definition changed
bridge_domain_add_del definition changed
bridge_domain_details definition changed
bridge_flags definition changed
connect_sock definition changed
create_vhost_user_if definition changed
ct6_enable only in file
ct6_enable_disable only in image
ct6_enable_disable_reply only in image
ct6_enable_disable only in file
dhcp6_pd_reply_event definition changed
dhcp6_pd_send_client_message definition changed
dhcp6_reply_event definition changed
dhcp6_send_client_message definition changed
dhcp_client_config definition changed
dhcp_client_details definition changed
dhcp_compl_event definition changed
dhcp_proxy_details definition changed
dslite_add_del_pool_addr_range definition changed
dslite_address_details definition changed
dslite_get_aftr_addr_reply definition changed
dslite_get_b4_addr_reply definition changed
dslite_set_aftr_addr definition changed
dslite_set_b4_addr definition changed
gbp_bridge_domain_add definition changed
gbp_bridge_domain_details definition changed
gbp_contract_add_del definition changed
gbp_contract_details definition changed
gbp_endpoint_add definition changed
gbp_endpoint_details definition changed
gbp_endpoint_group_add definition changed
gbp_endpoint_group_details definition changed
gbp_ext_itf_add_del definition changed
gbp_ext_itf_details definition changed
gbp_recirc_add_del definition changed
gbp_recirc_details definition changed
gbp_route_domain_add definition changed
gbp_route_domain_details definition changed
gbp_subnet_add_del definition changed
gbp_subnet_details definition changed
gbp_vxlan_tunnel_add definition changed
gbp_vxlan_tunnel_details definition changed
get_f64_endian_value only in image
get_f64_endian_value_reply only in image
get_f64_increment_by_one only in image
get_f64_increment_by_one_reply only in image
gpe_add_del_fwd_entry definition changed
gpe_fwd_entries_get_reply definition changed
gpe_fwd_entry_path_details definition changed
gpe_native_fwd_rpaths_get_reply definition changed
gre_add_del_tunnel only in file
gre_add_del_tunnel_reply only in file
gre_tunnel_add_del only in image
gre_tunnel_add_del_reply only in image
gre_tunnel_details definition changed
gre_tunnel_dump definition changed
http_static_enable only in image
http_static_enable_reply only in image
igmp_event definition changed
igmp_group_prefix_details definition changed
igmp_group_prefix_set definition changed
igmp_listen definition changed
ip6_fib_details only in file
ip6_fib_dump only in file
ip6_mfib_details only in file
ip6_mfib_dump only in file
ip6_ra_event definition changed
ip_add_del_route only in file
ip_add_del_route_reply only in file
ip_address_details definition changed
ip_container_proxy_add_del definition changed
ip_container_proxy_details definition changed
ip_fib_details only in file
ip_fib_dump only in file
ip_mfib_details only in file
ip_mfib_dump only in file
ip_mroute_add_del definition changed
ip_mroute_details only in image
ip_mroute_dump only in image
ip_mtable_details only in image
ip_mtable_dump only in image
ip_neighbor_add_del definition changed
ip_neighbor_details definition changed
ip_probe_neighbor definition changed
ip_punt_redirect definition changed
ip_punt_redirect_details definition changed
ip_reassembly_get_reply definition changed
ip_reassembly_set definition changed
ip_route_add_del only in image
ip_route_add_del_reply only in image
ip_route_details only in image
ip_route_dump only in image
ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del definition changed
ip_table_add_del definition changed
ip_table_details only in image
ip_table_dump only in image
ipfix_flush only in image
ipfix_flush_reply only in image
ipip_6rd_add_tunnel definition changed
ipip_add_tunnel definition changed
ipip_tunnel_details definition changed
ipsec_backend_details definition changed
ipsec_gre_tunnel_add_del only in file
ipsec_gre_tunnel_add_del_reply only in file
ipsec_gre_tunnel_details only in file
ipsec_gre_tunnel_dump only in file
ipsec_sa_details definition changed
ipsec_sa_set_key only in file
ipsec_sa_set_key_reply only in file
ipsec_sad_entry_add_del definition changed
ipsec_select_backend definition changed
ipsec_spd_details definition changed
ipsec_spd_entry_add_del definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del definition changed
ipsec_tunnel_if_set_key only in file
ipsec_tunnel_if_set_key_reply only in file
ipsec_tunnel_protect_del only in image
ipsec_tunnel_protect_del_reply only in image
ipsec_tunnel_protect_details only in image
ipsec_tunnel_protect_dump only in image
ipsec_tunnel_protect_update only in image
ipsec_tunnel_protect_update_reply only in image
l2_macs_event definition changed
l3xc_del only in image
l3xc_del_reply only in image
l3xc_details only in image
l3xc_dump only in image
l3xc_plugin_get_version only in image
l3xc_plugin_get_version_reply only in image
l3xc_update only in image
l3xc_update_reply only in image
lb_add_del_as definition changed
lb_add_del_vip definition changed
lb_as_details only in image
lb_as_dump only in image
lb_flush_vip definition changed
lb_vip_details only in image
lb_vip_dump only in image
lisp_add_del_locator_set definition changed
lisp_add_del_remote_mapping definition changed
lisp_adjacencies_get_reply definition changed
log_details only in image
log_dump only in image
macip_acl_add definition changed
macip_acl_add_replace definition changed
macip_acl_details definition changed
mactime_add_del_range definition changed
map_add_domain definition changed
map_domain_details definition changed
mfib_signal_details definition changed
modify_vhost_user_if definition changed
mpls_fib_details only in file
mpls_fib_dump only in file
mpls_ip_bind_unbind definition changed
mpls_route_add_del definition changed
mpls_route_details only in image
mpls_route_dump only in image
mpls_table_add_del definition changed
mpls_table_details only in image
mpls_table_dump only in image
mpls_tunnel_add_del definition changed
mpls_tunnel_details definition changed
nat44_add_del_address_range definition changed
nat44_add_del_identity_mapping definition changed
nat44_add_del_interface_addr definition changed
nat44_add_del_lb_static_mapping definition changed
nat44_add_del_static_mapping definition changed
nat44_address_details definition changed
nat44_del_session definition changed
nat44_forwarding_enable_disable definition changed
nat44_forwarding_is_enabled_reply definition changed
nat44_identity_mapping_details definition changed
nat44_interface_add_del_feature definition changed
nat44_interface_add_del_output_feature definition changed
nat44_interface_addr_details definition changed
nat44_interface_details definition changed
nat44_interface_output_feature_details definition changed
nat44_lb_static_mapping_add_del_local definition changed
nat44_lb_static_mapping_details definition changed
nat44_static_mapping_details definition changed
nat44_user_details definition changed
nat44_user_session_details definition changed
nat44_user_session_dump definition changed
nat64_add_del_interface_addr definition changed
nat64_add_del_interface definition changed
nat64_add_del_pool_addr_range definition changed
nat64_add_del_prefix definition changed
nat64_add_del_static_bib definition changed
nat64_bib_details definition changed
nat64_interface_details definition changed
nat64_pool_addr_details definition changed
nat64_prefix_details definition changed
nat64_st_details definition changed
nat66_add_del_interface definition changed
nat66_add_del_static_mapping definition changed
nat66_interface_details definition changed
nat66_static_mapping_details definition changed
nat_det_add_del_map definition changed
nat_det_close_session_in definition changed
nat_det_close_session_out definition changed
nat_det_forward definition changed
nat_det_forward_reply definition changed
nat_det_map_details definition changed
nat_det_reverse definition changed
nat_det_reverse_reply definition changed
nat_det_session_details definition changed
nat_det_session_dump definition changed
nat_get_mss_clamping_reply definition changed
nat_ipfix_enable_disable definition changed
nat_reass_details definition changed
nat_set_log_level only in image
nat_set_log_level_reply only in image
nat_set_mss_clamping definition changed
nat_set_reass definition changed
nat_show_config_reply definition changed
nat_worker_details definition changed
nsim_cross_connect_enable_disable only in image
nsim_cross_connect_enable_disable_reply only in image
nsim_enable_disable only in file
nsim_enable_disable_reply only in file
nsim_output_feature_enable_disable only in image
nsim_output_feature_enable_disable_reply only in image
oam_add_del only in file
oam_add_del_reply only in file
oam_event only in file
one_add_del_locator_set definition changed
one_add_del_remote_mapping definition changed
one_adjacencies_get_reply definition changed
one_l2_arp_entries_get_reply definition changed
one_ndp_entries_get_reply definition changed
p2p_ethernet_add definition changed
p2p_ethernet_add_reply definition changed
p2p_ethernet_del definition changed
pg_create_interface definition changed
proxy_arp_add_del definition changed
proxy_arp_details definition changed
punt_details only in file
punt_dump only in file
punt_reason_details only in image
punt_reason_dump only in image
punt_socket_deregister definition changed
punt_socket_details definition changed
punt_socket_dump definition changed
punt_socket_register definition changed
qos_egress_map_delete definition changed
qos_egress_map_details only in image
qos_egress_map_dump only in image
qos_egress_map_update definition changed
qos_mark_details only in image
qos_mark_details_reply only in image
qos_mark_dump only in image
qos_mark_enable_disable definition changed
qos_record_details only in image
qos_record_dump only in image
qos_record_enable_disable definition changed
qos_store_details only in image
qos_store_dump only in image
qos_store_enable_disable only in image
qos_store_enable_disable_reply only in image
sctp_add_src_dst_connection only in file
sctp_add_src_dst_connection_reply only in file
sctp_config only in file
sctp_config_reply only in file
sctp_del_src_dst_connection only in file
sctp_del_src_dst_connection_reply only in file
set_punt definition changed
show_threads_reply definition changed
show_vpe_system_time only in image
show_vpe_system_time_reply only in image
sockclnt_create_reply definition changed
sr_localsid_add_del definition changed
sr_localsids_details definition changed
sr_policies_details definition changed
sr_policy_add definition changed
sr_policy_del definition changed
sr_policy_mod definition changed
sr_steering_pol_details definition changed
svs_details definition changed
svs_enable_disable definition changed
svs_route_add_del definition changed
svs_table_add_del definition changed
sw_interface_bond_details definition changed
sw_interface_dump definition changed
sw_interface_ip6_set_link_local_address only in image
sw_interface_ip6_set_link_local_address_reply only in image
sw_interface_ip6nd_ra_prefix definition changed
sw_interface_set_l2_bridge definition changed
sw_interface_tap_v2_details definition changed
syslog_get_filter_reply definition changed
syslog_set_filter definition changed
tap_create_v2 definition changed
udp_encap_add definition changed
udp_encap_details definition changed
virtio_pci_create definition changed
vmxnet3_details definition changed
vxlan_gbp_tunnel_add_del definition changed
vxlan_gbp_tunnel_details definition changed
want_oam_events only in file
want_oam_events_reply only in file

Found 319 api message signature differences

Patches that changed API definitions

b'a47a5f20a' api papi: add alias for timestamp(datetime)/timedelta
b'3cf9e67f5' api: add vl_api_version_t type
b'a47a5f20a' api papi: add alias for timestamp(datetime)/timedelta
b'888640a39' map gbp papi: match endianess of f64
b'03f1af23b' api: Implement log_dump/log_details
b'c87b66c86' ipsec: ipsec-tun protect
b'9ac113815' API: Add support for limits to language.
b'78d91cf9a' sample-plugin: refactor .api to use explicit types
b'0ad4a439d' Fix vpp crash bug while deleting dhcp client
b'9a29f795a' vpp_papi_provider.py: update defautmapping.
b'b8591ac91' API sw_interface_dump: Dump all if index is zero
b'4a7240636' Make sw_interface_dump more compatible with 2.2.0
b'6407ba56a' api: Add to interface crud - read by sw_if_index.
b'83832e7ce' qos: Store function
b'5281a9029' qos: QoS dump APIs
b'097fa66b9' fib: fib api updates
b'e6eefb6e3' Trivial Typo's in bier comments/docs.
b'21b83e96d' api: implement ipfix_flush
b'8ac1d6d05' session: Use parent_handle instead of transport_opts
b'ba65ca496' Add transport_opts to connect_sock bapi
b'814f15948' gre: update gre.api with explicit types
b'd0aed2eb3' GRE: set gre_tunnel_type init value to zero in API
b'5a8844bdb' GRE: API update
b'22e9cfd76' pg: add GSO support
b'bc764c8bc' l2: BD ARP termination entry API update
b'54bc5e40c' Update API description
b'5e6f7348c' l2: Add support for arp unicast forwarding
b'10dc2eabd' udp: fix copyright typo
b'97d54ed43' tap: add support to configure tap interface host MTU size
b'4208a4ce8' devices interface tests: vhosst GSO support
b'bbd6b746e' virtio: Add gso support for native virtio driver
b'43b512cac' virtio: remove configurable queue size support
b'097fa66b9' fib: fib api updates
b'c87b66c86' ipsec: ipsec-tun protect
b'f2922422d' ipsec: remove the set_key API
b'80f6fd53f' IPSEC: Pass the algorithm salt (used in GCM) over the API
b'8edca1361' p2p ethernet: update p2p_ethernet.api with explicit types.
b'751e3f382' bonding: add support for numa-only in lacp mode
b'097fa66b9' fib: fib api updates
b'288e09362' ipip: refactor ipip.api with explicit types
b'cbd0824d6' IPIP tunnel: use address types on API
b'1dbcf30b7' fib: Support the POP of a Psuedo Wire Control Word
b'097fa66b9' fib: fib api updates
b'038e1dfbd' dhcp ip: DSCP settings for transmitted DHCP packets
b'56bc738dc' Fix VPP-1487 DHCP client does not support option 6-domain server
b'719beb709' ip ipsec: Remove IPSec SPI-0 punt reason
b'b538dd868' Punt: specify packets by IP protocol Type
b'50f0ac0f0' Punt: socket register for exception dispatched/punted packets based on reason
b'097fa66b9' fib: fib api updates
b'3a343d42d' reassembly: prevent long chain attack
b'515eed425' api: add prefix matcher typedef
b'038e1dfbd' dhcp ip: DSCP settings for transmitted DHCP packets
b'53c501512' api: add DSCP definitions to ip_types.api
b'ab05508e1' api: refactor format_vl_api_prefix_t return keys
b'b538dd868' Punt: specify packets by IP protocol Type
b'50f0ac0f0' Punt: socket register for exception dispatched/punted packets based on reason
b'59fa121f8' L3 cross connect
b'4d376f67a' map: Use vl_api_string macros.
b'68b24e2c9' plugins: http_static. Migrate to use api string type.
b'22bc2c46e' Static http server
b'4ff09ae34' API: Python and Unix domain socket improvement
b'3ffe6cadf' sctp: move to plugins, disabled by default
b'3efcd0d7c' lb: vip and as dump/detail api's
b'a0cb32cb9' lb: update api.c to use scaffolding from latest skel
b'3efcd0d7c' lb: vip and as dump/detail api's
b'7681b1c46' mactime: add per-mac allow-with-quota feature
b'0c6ac791d' mactime: upstream new features
b'3918bdbcb' gbp: update gbp-ext-itf API
b'3c0d84c98' gbp: add anonymous l3-out subnets
b'cfc7a107e' gbp: add anonymous l3-out external interfaces
b'160c923f9' gbp: VRF scoped contracts
b'bb2e5221a' api acl: breakout acl_types.api for reuse by others
b'bb2e5221a' api acl: breakout acl_types.api for reuse by others
b'f995c7122' acl: implement counters
b'e6e09a4ac' nat: elog rewrite for multi-worker support
b'c1f93067e' Add default value for API Nat flags
b'dd1e3e780' NAT: VPP-1531 api cleanup & update
b'89fec713f' Revert "NAT: VPP-1531 api cleanup & update"
b'bed1421b9' NAT: VPP-1531 api cleanup & update
b'097fa66b9' fib: fib api updates
b'7c91007e1' Make the loss / delay sim available as an output feature