Packet Latency

DPDK Testpmd and L3fwd latency results are generated based on the test data obtained from CSIT-2302 NDR-PDR throughput tests executed across physical testbeds hosted in LF labs: 2n-icx, 3n-icx, 2n-clx, 2n-zn2, 3n-alt, 3n-tsh, 2n-tx2.

Latency by percentile distribution plots are used to show packet latency percentiles at different packet rate load levels: i) No-Load latency streams only, ii) Low-Load at 10% PDR, iii) Mid-Load at 50% PDR and iv) High-Load at 90% PDR.

For more details, see Packet Latency.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. Graph Title: describes tested DUT packet path.

  2. X-axis Labels: percentile of packets.

  3. Y-axis Labels: measured one-way packet latency values in [uSec].

  4. Graph Legend: list of latency tests at different packet rate load level.

  5. Hover Information: packet rate load level, stream direction (East-West, West-East), percentile, one-way latency.